Things a New Dad Needs to Do For Pregnant Wife

Pains and inconvenience increases during mid-pregnancy that’s why the new dad or dad to be should help out. No matter how tired you are from work, as a new dad, do not forget to massage your wife.

How a new dad should behave

Abdominal, Waist and Leg Massage

At this time, a pregnant woman would suffer from waist or back ache and swollen feet due to the weight of the fetus. As a new dad, you can relieve much of your wife’s pain with your gentle fingers and a few minutes’ time. Gently stroke her from waist to hip and a little pinching or stroking at her legs would help. To prevent the formation of muscle lumps, apply some lotion or baby oil. Clockwise or U-shaped abdominal massage helps in preventing muscle lumps, and the fetus would feel happy too. If the wife could not sleep well, 30 minutes of stretching exercise or feet massage with warm water before going to bed may improve her sleeping condition.

Speak out openly about Sex

A lot of pregnant women feel too shy or worry about bad effects to the unborn baby in talking about sex needs, even though sex desire increases. However, it is always good to speak out openly about sex. The conventional position might be inconvenient to a wife with bulging belly. Prior communication with your husband and tell him about your difficulties. He would show compassionate and care.

Exercise Together, to avoid Obesity

As body weight increases and belly bulges gradually, the wife may begin to dislike exercises. Stabbing pain at waist as well as feet numbness often causes a pregnant wife to feel uncomfortable. However, if she stays at home with little activity, obesity may occur due to lack of exercise, and may eventually lead to dystocia. Taking a back massage and doing some simple exercises together with the husband would have much better effect than the wife exercising alone.

Always remember to speak to Your Baby

The fetus begins to feel emotions of unpleasantness, worry and pleasure at 4 months pregnancy. The husband may sing to his child or speak about what was happening in the day while touching the wife’s belly. Let the baby be familiar with dad’s voice and to pay attention by listening. During sleeping time, the husband may sing some lullabies while caressing the wife’s belly softly, or listen to music with the wife. Just to mention a few good practices.

Giving Iron Nutrients and Flower as Gifts

Mid-pregnancy is the right time to start taking iron nutrients. Give her some iron nutrients and flowers as gifts. In addition, your wife needs to buy some new bras starting from the 5th month of pregnancy. You may also give her some underwear for pregnant women as present. If you are not sure of the size, go to the shop together with your wife.

Accompany Her to Periodic Examinations

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It would be alright if you cannot go with her every time, but at least go with her once. This way, you could understand well about the pregnant situation of your wife, listening to what you must pay attention with. During this period, you can also ask the physician on anything you are in doubt with. It would be a new experience to you in visiting and waiting at a Gynecology and Obstetrics clinic or a hospital.

Participate in Lamaze Childbirth Class

Join the class from mid-pregnancy. While the wife is practicing the breathing method, the husband may assist her in getting the right posture and performing some Lamaze exercises. At the end of the exercise, give her some simple Shiatsu massage and make your wife feel happy. This is beneficial to her blood circulation and helps in smooth baby delivery.

Praise her often

Praise your wife for being more feminine. Jokes such as “big tummy” or “fatty” would unwittingly cause harm. Even if you are just joking, do not speak anything which may let your wife feel sad. Do feel proud for her and praise her with happy mood, praise her about her courage and beauty to give birth to a child.

Go out on a Date Happily

The baby will be born in a few months, the time alone with only the two of you is bound to get less, and a child after birth has to be taken care of, both of you would not be going to attend many activities as before. No longer have the time to spend a break or holiday leisurely as well. During this last remaining period, even if only once would be nice, bring your wife to a date, be her handsome and elegant male partner.

There are still other things a new dad can do for his wife. Doing simple things on our own way would help.

Sandra Henderson

Editor-in-chief at Babiology and a proud mother of four passionate about sharing pregnancy and baby growth knowledges

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