Nutritious Food that can Help You During and After Pregnancy

Those mothers who suffer from anemia or gestosis will require a longer recovery time after childbirth. Hence, mothers should pay more attention eating only the nutritious food after childbirth. Here are some nutritious food that can aid some of your illness or nutrients deficiency during or after birth.

Mother with Anemia – Take More Protein and Iron

When in the process of delivery, a mother will lose huge amounts of blood. If this cannot be replenished to the original amount, body recovery will be obviously slowed down after childbirth. Eat more lean meat, liver, bean products, etc., foods which contain excellent protein and iron. Furthermore, eat more shell fish, seaweed, and green vegetables as well. It is necessary to ensure the intake of nutrients and iron supplements 3 months after delivery. Medical consultation is encouraged. Do not drink green tea, coffee, or carbonated drinks. Those containing tannic acid and phosphorus ingredients will mingle with iron to become insoluble substances which will hinder the iron absorption.

Tip: Post Delivery Food Intake Governs the Quality of Breast Milk

Protein is a deciding factor of the nutrient content in breastfeed milk. During breastfeeding period, it is essential to pay more attention in protein intake. Meat, fish, liver, soybean, eggs are all protein-rich products. In order to replenish the loss of blood, foods with rich water and protein content are the priorities. Fish, milk, chicken, and so on are protein-rich foods, hence should consume more of those, as well as vegetables and fishes with high iodine and calcium content. To ease out breastfeeding or lactation secretion, seaweed or other food of similar category can help so as eel and pork feet. Besides that, sparerib soup is good, so as the desserts made of walnuts and sesame. To prevent anemia, do consume more beef liver, soybean and other bean products, beef, lamb, egg yolk, fish, dried fruits, nuts, spinach, etc.

Mother with Gestosis – Limit Salt and Water

Although most deliveries of children go over smoothly, there are 20-60% of mothers with gestosis who will have problems of high pressure, diabetes, and edema. Even after childbirth, periodic inspection is needed. Salt and water content in food should be strictly monitored. Do care to take excellent quality protein at the same time do not overwork, avoid being stressed, ensure sufficient sleep, and do not accumulate fatigue.

Mother with Constipation – Intake of Water and Fiber

Mothers with constipation can cure their constipation by way of drinks. Drink more water and eat more fiber-rich vegetables and fruits. Green vegetables and fruits contain rich fiber. When you wake up in the morning, drink mineral water, milk or consume fresh fruits, it will be helpful in overcoming constipation.

Mother with Rough Skin – Intake of Vitamin A and Water

Almost everyone after childbirth has poorer skin condition than before. At this time, mother can drink more water. It is a good method to drink some soup along with your meal. Eat more fiber-rich foods to make skin energetic with moisture. Foods such as egg yolk, liver, butter, eel, and green vegetables are containing rich vitamin A and truly nutritious.

Mother with Serious Hair Loss – Eat More Protein-Rich Food and Seaweeds

After delivery, mother will experience serious hair loss. It is important to ensure intake of food with high quality of protein, vitamin E & F, and iodine. The foods that contain rich protein include milk, eggs, chicken, meat, soybean products, and white fish, etc. Nutritious foods that contain rich vitamin E & F include peanuts, almonds, walnuts, etc. The foods that contain rich iodine include seaweed and kelp, and so on.

That’s it for the basics of health management. Further information will be discussed on our next article.


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