Best Double Baby Strollers Reviews in 2018

Have you ever wondered if a product exists which could accommodate both of your babies at the same time? Well, if you have the need, double baby strollers might just be right for you.

Walking is already a good exercise for you and your babies. It helps them interact with the environment and their senses nevertheless improve. Specifically, they get to interact with passersby, appreciate the nature, breathe fresher air and appreciate the wonders of nature. This benefit can increase exponentially if you get to bring both of your babies in tow.

But the effort involved in looking after two children can never be discounted. You would have to arrange their scheduling in bathing, feeding, playtime and even nap time. If these activities already entail that much effort, how much more effort do we need to have to get our children to walk with us?

Well, it is indeed very impractical to bring along two strollers. Hence, the need is adequately addressed by double baby strollers.

A Glimpse of the Past

double baby strollers

History reports that the earliest double baby strollers can be traced to the 19th century. During that period, the world has devised innovations to many products geared towards making life easier when you have to look after your children. Accordingly, the earliest reference for double strollers can be traced to "What Angels Saw on Christmas Eve", a novel written in 1881. In this novel, a character was unable to access his home due to a double baby carriage blocking the doorway. From such image, various manufacturers developed the idea of travel for babies.

Such development was put into a halt owing to the fact that such era was followed by the two world wars. After such wars, recovery resumed and a rapid population growth along with development was recorded in history. Manufacture of products resumed and the baby stroller market was not an exception. This development resulted to a feature in the 1948 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine. This enabled the inventor, Mr. Harris W. Jones to obtain a patent for the double stroller which he developed primarily to aid the international travel of his twin sons. After three years, another feature, allowing portable folding mechanism was made in the same magazine and such development gave way to the development of the double baby stroller we all know today. The conventional double baby stroller developed into tandem strollers and side-by-side strollers.

Some Handy Tips on Buying Double Baby Strollers

The decision towards purchasing a double stroller can be a lot tougher than it is for buying the usual stroller for one baby alone. For starters, you would have to check the quality and the capacity of the stroller. After all, you have to be very meticulous as you are buying for two children. With this in mind, we have outlined the following factors you have to consider when buying a double baby stroller.

1. Emphasize your preference.

There are lots of double strollers in the market nowadays. Basically, there are two types – tandem and side-by-side. The former allows your children to face each other while the latter has both of your children side by side. What do you prefer? Which would be more comfortable for you?

2. The terrain has a say.

In inspecting the wheels of the stroller, you have to note whether it is suitable for the terrain you most probably would stroll at the most. If you plan to use your stroller to its maximum, be it in running errands or long nature walks, you must choose those with big and flexible wheels just in case the terrain may be a little bit rough. If, however, you intend to use your stroller for a walk in the mall, you must focus more on convenience and portability features.

3. Know your needs.

There is more to strollers than what meets the eye. While walking with your babies, you may need to have immediate access to diapers, towels, food and other stuff which your baby might need. Some strollers come with large storage baskets while others have trays and cup holders. In purchasing a baby stroller, know your needs and find those products which have the facilities which can address your needs.

4. Make security a priority.

Strollers have built-in security features intended to keep your baby safely fastened. However, you have to note that the behavior of your children matters in this aspect. If you have squirmy babies, you may have to purchase those double strollers which offer more security. But, it does not mean that well-behaved babies don't get the same attention. To be safe, you must purchase those strollers certified by the Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS.

5. Hygiene matters.

In between walks, you may have to feed your babies. This poses a risk on the exposure of the stroller to dirt and food residue. Since such scenario is inevitable, you may want to check whether the materials – the seat cover, the tray and others – can be easily cleaned so as to make cleaning a regular activity without compromising the need of your babies to explore. You must also check whether the seat cover material dries easily so you would not have to spend days in waiting for the stroller to be functional again.

6. Your baby's’ characteristics matter.

This is perhaps the most important thing to consider. When buying a stroller, you must check the capacity of the stroller and the weight of your baby. The length of expected usage may also matter in this as the maximum weight must have a say in the length of time you may be able to use the stroller.

There are perhaps lots of factors we have yet to consider in purchasing baby strollers. These factors are what we have considered in our review of the different baby double strollers available in the market nowadays. 

Best in term of Quality:

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

Based in our independent valuation of the products we have inspected to our review, we have noted that this double baby stroller model would be the best in terms of quality and innovation when it comes to the features. In Amazon, this product has received a rating of 4.60 out of 5.00 stars. This translates to a rating of approximately 92% and that is really a high rating.

To further prove this point, we have made a background research on the manufacturer, BOB Gear. This manufacturing company began as a partnership between Roger Malinowski and Philip Novotny, as a cycling company. However, as the partners began to build their own families, they have decided to manufacture instead, strollers perfect for parents with active lifestyle. The business received a warm welcome in the market and in 2005; it was acquired as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Britax, a leading manufacturer of strollers and car seats. This acquisition furthered BOB's manufacturing process and thus it was known from then on as a stroller manufacturer for parents with active lifestyle. One fun fact on this manufacturer though, The BOB originally stood for Best of Burdens but was later changed on into BOB gear since it sounded a bit preposterous.

Now that we have known a lot more about the manufacturer, let us move on to the different features which set this double baby stroller apart from its competitors. We have outlined such features as follows:

1. Front Wheel that Pivots.

This product hinges on the easy maneuverability and hence it has a big front wheel that pivots. This wheel rotates fully and is only part of the three-wheel design of the baby stroller. The wheels are designed to adapt to different terrains. However, flexibility is not all there is to this model. If you happen to have a preferred orientation for the front wheel, it has a lock feature to keep the wheel in place so that you can have greater stability especially when jogging or when the ground turns out tougher.

2. Smooth ride from suspension system.

The double baby stroller has an adjustable suspension system with two shock absorbers. This protects your children comfortably and offers a smoother ride that they can actually sleep on board.

3. Security is a priority.

Like any other baby stroller, this product also offers maximum protection for your babies. It has a five-point security harness system secure enough to keep your baby in place but tight enough to restrict unwanted movements. It also has a rear foot brake system which you can easily access.

4. Flexibility for your babies.

This double baby stroller has seats which can recline up to 70 degrees from the vertical position. So, your babies can actually get some sleep on a long stroll. Not only that, this model provides your baby with maximum protection against the elements as the canopies have multi-position coupled with big viewing windows. This feature allows you to look after your babies easily while the canopies are at its maximum.

5. More storage choices.

This product offers various storage options as it has four interior pockets for various storage needs. For accessibility, it has two back seat pockets where you can store your wallets and keys. It also has a large storage basket underneath so that you can store spare food, diapers and other baby items.

6. Maximum convenience guaranteed.

This product is made of chromoly and an aluminum alloy. These components enable an easy two-step folding frame for travels at ease. Also, this is made of durable fabric and could allow easy cleaning. Such fabric is stain resistant and comes in different colors to appease your personal preferences.

If you buy this product, you get to purchase a five-year warranty on the frame and a separate one-year warranty for the small parts. This is especially convenient since you may end up losing such small parts. Despite having such small parts, this product offers minimum assembly and comes with a comprehensive guide. There are limitations, however, to its capacity such that it is only suitable for children more than eight weeks old and weighs up to 50 pounds each. Although some customers ended up giving comments about the bulky folded version of this double baby stroller, it is hardly a downside since it is reasonably expected as it caters to two children.

In general, we believe that the different features of this double baby stroller could be very beneficial to both you and your babies. If you wish to know more about this product, this comprehensive video tutorial might be of great help to your queries!

Best Double Baby stroller for Travel:

Zoe XL2 Double Lightweight Twin Travel Umbrella Stroller System - Black

If you frequently take your children to travel to different places, we believe that this twin lightweight baby stroller would be the very best for you. This stroller has garnered a 4.40 out of 5.00 stars in Amazon and that is roughly equivalent to 88%. For strollers of this type, this particular model actually offers you the best portability and convenience during travel.

ZOE Strollers is a relatively new manufacturer. It is founded by a family of prominent businessmen but it is not part of a conglomerate. Despite being so, the Company has employed a sophisticated manufacturing process which is cost-effective. More than that, the Company has focused on adding value to your money by offering other auxiliary features which are normally purchased separate from the stroller. These items include trays, cup holders and others. This strategy enabled the Company to capture the hearts of its diverse market base.

As we have already known about the background of the manufacturer and we now have an idea about their reliability and positioning, let us now move on to the features of this specific baby double stroller model. Perhaps one of the most prominent features of this stroller is its portability and the convenience it offers during travel, but there is definitely more to this stroller than that alone. We have outlined the different features of this stroller as follows:

1. Lightweight beyond measure.

It is quite unnerving to note that a lightweight stroller weighing only 16 pounds can actually accommodate two babies, right? But this is the truth for this double baby stroller model. This helps give the parent convenience in travel. Convenient, right?

2. Guaranteed Wheels Last a Lifetime.

It is quite a nuisance when you get your wheels broken and it is hard to find any compatible replacement. ZOE Strollers takes that worry away from you. If you buy any of its stroller products, including this model, you get to have a lifetime warranty on the wheels. It is not as if these wheels are not durable, mind you.

3. Easy come, Easy go

The greatest complementing factor to light weight is an easy folding mechanism and the ability of the stroller to fit into tight spaces. What makes this stroller quite special is that it has those features plus it takes the least space possible making it perfect for public and air transportation. Yes, the folded version of the stroller can easily fit into the overhead bins of buses and planes. You can even lift it easily as it is as light as a feather.

4. More bonus items!

Games get to be more fun if there are more bonus items. ZOE Strollers based their philosophy on such belief. As mentioned earlier, ZOE has always wanted to manufacture strollers which are of high quality and additional features normally purchased separately. This model, in line with the aforementioned, has free cup holders for you and your baby and food trays!

5. More storage for your needs.

Being a stroller with light weight does not necessarily mean that the product cannot accommodate more items on board. This stroller has a large storage basket underneath as well as a phone and keys organizer for you to access your items easily.

6. Security matters.

For ZOE, security matters. Hence, the stroller comes with a five-point harness to restrict the movements of your babies. It also has a flexible canopy to protect them from the elements. But wait. It does not stop at that. Extending the canopies does not necessarily mean that the babies are obscured from your sight. This comes with a netted peek-a-boo feature to allow consistent and efficient monitoring of your babies.

If you are very much fond of travel, we believe that this stroller is just right for you! Although some of the previous buyers lamented over the too tight harness, it nevertheless serves its purpose and for that we do not really consider it a downside.

If you wish to obtain comprehensive knowledge regarding this product, you may want to view the video below:

Best Value for Money:

Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller

If you firmly believe that the quality is not directly proportional to the price, then be our guest. This stroller supports such claim! Gaining a 4.20 out of 5.00 stars in Amazon, this stroller has all it takes to give your babies the best comfort at the most affordable price.

Now that we are at it, let us try to know more about the manufacturer – Joovy.

Joovy is a US-based company which began its operations in 2005. The warm welcome of the juvenile market resulted to the expansion of its products into as far as walkers and bikes for babies and toddler alike. The Company's focus has been on the high quality construction coupled with the very affordable price. So you see, it has been the Company's mission to offer the best products to the middle strata of the population.

Let us now discuss the different features making this product worth your every penny. We have outlined such features as follows:

1. A choice to seat or stand.

This stroller model is perfect for taking care of two sibling of different age. While the younger one is not yet that able to walk and needs to seat down for the ride, the older one may stand in the rear during the ride. This will give your older child the pleasure of hopping on board. The front seat can recline into two positions. This stroller model can carry children aged at least six months up until the time they weigh 45 pounds each. This sit or stand feature is patented uniquely to Joovy strollers so it’s rather a catch.

2. Travel more.

This stroller comes with a universal car seat adapter so you can easily stroll with an infant seat for easier transfer to your car. This adapter is known to be compatible to different leading brands so you would not have much of a hard time choosing compatible products.

3. Maximum Storage.

Storage feature comes just when you need it. This stroller has a large basket underneath for your babies' stuff. Not only that, this stroller occupies the least storage space possible when folded. It is easy to fold too.

Although this stroller is of great quality, a few customers have argued that it is quite difficult to turn. We believe that this is possibly due to the heavy weight and is hardly a downside. In general, this product is best in relation to the price.

Should you wish to know more about this product, you may check the video below:

Another Noteworthy Product:

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double

With a rating of 4.20 out of 5.00 stars in Amazon, this double baby stroller is also versatile to your baby's' changing needs. Baby Trend has been in business for 26 years now. The length of their experience is a testament to their commitment to ease the goings of the busy yet happy stage of your lives as parents. They started as a producer of innovative strollers and expanded their product lines to other baby products such as bathtubs, diaper pails and baby collections. Over the years, they have acquired the reputation of a trusted baby product brand.

Now that we possess a little bit of a background of the manufacturer, let us now move on to the different features of this double baby stroller model. We have outlined the noteworthy features of this product for your convenience as follows:

1. Sit and Stand Feature.

This stroller could accommodate two children weighing up to 40 pounds each. Since the layout of this stroller is not side by side, you may wonder whether the view from the rear is obscured by the child sitting in front. No worries, this stroller has a stadium layout so that the child in the rear is seated higher than the child in front so that both of your children could see the world at its fullest. This allows them to enjoy walks more. Also, this product has a patented sit and stand feature so that your children may do as they wish while on the stroller. Also, it has a child standing platform so if your children is not of the same age the older one could not be restricted by the needs of the younger one, that is, either or both of the children may hop on board. Wouldn't that be a wonderful experience? This model also comes with a car seat adapter so that transferring from walks to rides can be a convenient experience.

2. The parent can organize.

Unlike most strollers, this double baby stroller model accommodates to your needs that well. It has a parent organizer which allows you to arrange the stuff you bring along on your walks. It also has a large storage basket underneath to cater to your needs as you go along.

3. Security at its finest.

This stroller model offers the best security for you children so that you would not need to have more worries if they either sit or stand. It has a five point harness to restrict the movements of your children for security purposes but does not totally limit their freedom to move and make the walk a nicer experience. Also, it has parking brakes so that the stroller would not roll away while being parked due to the movements of your children on board.

While this product has received good reviews, a few customers have complained due to the fact that it is a bit heavy. We believe that the additional weight is mainly attributable to the features this product carries and since this offers a one-hand fold feature, the weakness is fully recompensed. If you are interested to purchase this model, you have an array of colors to choose from – Carbon, Elixir and Millennium.

Overall, we believe that this product is good for you and your babies depending on your needs. If you wish to know more about this product, you may want to check the video below:


Double Baby Strollers are designed to help you look after your children easily. The products we have reviewed are handpicked carefully. Though we presented a critical review of its features, we believe that these products can only be judged fairly by your unparalleled scrutiny as parents who are equipped with the knowledge of what your children really needs. If you have come to feel like this review does not suit your active lifestyle, you may want to look into baby jogger strollers. A little bit of background though. These types of strollers usually have three wheels and are able to accommodate the parents' active lifestyle. These strollers also have versions for twins, so you actually get to choose depending on the number of children you need to look after.

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