Dream Interpretation: What Specific Dreams Mean when Pregnant

Fascinating Fetal Prediction based on Dreams

Dream Interpretation while Pregnant

dream interpretation

Dream interpretation differs depending on what the dream is all about. Expecting women, their husbands, or family around them may experience fascinating dreams related to pregnancy. Many predecessors have given dream interpretation, predicting the gender and future of the fetus.


Horned dragons, mouth decorated with pearls, or a dragon’s head symbolize giving birth to a boy; a dragon tail or body symbolizes the birth of a beautiful daughter. Regardless of gender, seeing a dragon in one’s dream is a symbol of power.


A tiger is said to be a spiritual animal and a guard for the mountain gods. Regardless of gender, dreaming of a tiger means the child exudes an air of extravagance. An imagery of tigers playing in the mountains, hunting or standing in the wind symbolizes a boy; a tiger entering a house or holding onto another tiger signifies a girl.


A python or a python in coiled position represents a son; whereas a long thin snake represents a daughter. An image of a snake moving closer to your home is also symbolic of a daughter.


Dreaming of pigs is a symbol of wealth and blessings. A black pig represents a son and a white pig represents a daughter. If you dreamt of being chased by a wild boar, the interpretation is that the child will grow up to be a famous person.


Dreaming of dark horses running in the wilderness, or a group of them leaping around, is symbolic of a boy. A beautiful white horse or a pony represents a girl.

If you dream of a white horse in the wild, it means that you will give birth to a son who will grow up to be a distinguished figure.


Horned deer normally represents a son; a beautiful, spotted deer represents a daughter.


Dreaming of cattle symbolizes that the child is the rightful heir of the family. A strong, horned cattle signifies a son; whereas a docile or double-headed cow symbolizes a daughter


If you dreamt of picking up one jewel, it is representational of a son. If you dreamt that you have picked up multiple gems, it is representational of a daughter. Bright and shiny jewels symbolize fame. An image of a single, large gold ring symbolizes a son; whereas several gold or silver rings symbolize a daughter.

Gold or Silver Rings

Holding or wearing a gold ring on one’s hand is representational of a son; carrying or wearing two or more gold rings, or rings without much shine, is representational of a daughter.

Fruits or Flowers

If you dreamt of fruitful fruit trees, a singular fruit on each branch is representational of a son; whereas pairs representational of a daughter. If there are no signs of insect bites on the fruit, the dream is considered to be a good omen. Dreams of flowers blooming during fall symbolize a son, and flowers blossoming like the flowers in Spring signify a daughter.


Bright red chili or chili fields, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, and dates represent a son; Green chili and mild-colored sweet potatoes represent a daughter.


Thick roots symbolize a son; Small, fibrous roots symbolizes a daughter.

Sea and Rivers

Choppy, blue seas represent a son; a gentle wave or lake represents a daughter.

Mountain or Grass Plains

Towering mountains symbolize a son. Vast plains, symbolize a daughter.

Sun and Moon

In general, the sun is symbolic of a son and the moon is symbolic of a daughter.

Clouds and Rainbow

Clouds clustered together or vividly colored rainbow symbolizes a son; whereas spread-out clouds and a faint rainbow symbolize a daughter.


Fruitful trees bearing dates symbolize sons.

These dream interpretations are based on Korean folklores and only meant as a reference.

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