Health Management is very Important after Giving Birth

A mother’s good health is beneficial to both mom and her baby. Thus, appropriate health management should be practiced. What should be done in order to achieve health management? Read through below.

Regain Vitality Earlier by Nutritional Plans

health management

A strong strategy for good nutrition post delivery is to eat a lot of healthy foods. Ensure a balanced diet and nutrition plan no matter what in taking tonics, consuming Chinese medicine, and taking your 3 meals. Those who breastfeed their children will eat more 1.2-1.4 times than those who do not.

The Eat-and-Drink Principle after Childbirth

After childbirth, not only your body but also your digestive system is deteriorated. Excessive bleeding and exhausted energy during childbirth result to a weak body. Thus, you should practice healthy diet or principles to aid your recovery.

1) Eat some foods that are easily digestible

Because fatigue incurs during childbirth, the digestive system is weaker and exhausted. Therefore, you should eat some easily digested foods after childbirth, then only proceed with nutrient-rich food. Avoid oily, fibre-rich, hard foods that will increase the burden of your digestive system.

2) Consume 140% of normal calorie intake

If a mother has no serious problems, she is advised to breastfeed. If so, the mother should consume more nutritional foods for the sake of her child, but it is not necessary for overconsumption of high-calorie food, it will be good to be just slightly more than normal consumption. Eat more foods with high water content.

3) Salt consumed should be below 8 grams per day

All seasonings must be used sparingly. If you wish to add some spice, just add a little sauce. Salt is a major cause of edema and hypertension. Every day the Taiwanese intake of salt is far higher than that of other counties. Put less salt in your meals. It is ideal for an average person to take 10 grams every day. However, a heavy labour worker can take as much as 15 grams.

4) Take enough Iron

Iron supplement or food with high iron content is necessary to replenish the great loss of blood during delivery. Or else, not only causing anemia, but also creating negative impacts on child growth or development.

5) Increase your Animal Protein Intake

Our body is mainly composed of protein and water. Because of breastfeeding, you will require a lot more protein than normal. You need 60 grams per day without pregnancy and 80 grams per day in the middle stage of pregnancy, which is a rough increase of 30%. The intake amount required during breastfeeding period is even larger. However, if you take too much animal protein and fat, it will degrade the quality of breast milk. Hence, take note not to over consume.

6) Eat More Vegetables

Nowadays, people are consuming more and more meats or fish, and leading to a tendency of the overconsumption of acidic food. In order to keep a balance, people should eat more alkaline foods such as vegetables. The fiber inside vegetables is also very useful in preventing constipation.

7) Design a Healthy Menu

An excessive diet will cause bad impacts on a mother’s feeding. Although diet after childbirth is necessary, you must also ensure enough intake of nutrition. The most important thing is the intake of nutrition that can help on lactation secretion and at the same time giving effective result on your diet. One must take different kinds of nutritious foods instead of only eating your own favorite food, this may cause lack of nutrition intake. You have to make a menu in accordance with a daily calorie amount, and then eat accordingly.

8) Coffee, Cigarettes, Wine are still prohibited after Birth

Beware of green tea, black tea, coffee, because they contain caffeine. Consuming caffeine will pass on to the baby through Mother’s milk. It will take more time for baby to discharge caffeine, this will cause them to be in a state of excitement and they may not be able to sleep well. We should be cautious with this.

9) Stay Away from High-sugar, Delicate Foods

Foods such as sugary desserts and cakes are low in nutrition, high in sugar, and easily causing weight gain. Juices or cool beverages selling in the market should also be avoided, which will degrade the quality of breast milk.

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