Best Baby Formula Dispenser Reviews in 2018

During your child's formula months, your sleep will inevitably be affected for the worst. This is one of the most memorable times of your baby's early years, but at the same time, it's also the most stressful. This is why having a dedicated and easy-to-use formula dispenser is amazing for new parents.

These formula dispensers allow you to easily store your baby's formula so that you can easily dispense the powdered nutrition into your child's bottle. Once dispensed, simply reclose and reuse when it's feeding time again. These products come in a variety of unique styles and colors so that you can customize your dispenser experience for your baby. These products tend to be relatively cheap and are very easy to use; even if your dispenser has a wide variety of extra features.

Why Formula Dispensers are Great

They are Quick and Easy to Use

formula dispenser

Formula dispensers provide a lot of convenience for new parents. As a matter of fact, there are feature-rich models that allow you to store several feeding's worth of formula for multiple feeding sessions. No new parent really wants to have to heft around a full box of formula whenever they go out with their child; using a formula dispenser lets you easily measure out what your baby will need so that you can be ready for the day.

They are Versatile

It's inevitable; your baby is going to grow out of his or her need for formula in a relatively short amount of time. With this in mind, many formula dispensers are fairly versatile; you can use them to store cereal for your little one, to store fruit, or even to securely manage breast milk. They have a lot of uses for a growing baby, so don't worry about only using them for your child's formula months.

Saves a New Parent Money

Currently, you can purchase travel formula that comes in plastic packets. These are pretty great, but they also have a tendency to be a bit expensive. A formula dispenser can run as low as five dollars, which means that you can save a bit of money.

Features to Consider

These versatile products aren't all alike. There are actually a plethora of baby formula dispensers on the market today that all have different features for new parents to consider. Want a lot of compartments? There's a baby formula dispenser for you. Want to have a stackable dispenser? You're in luck, stackable dispensers are fairly common. Just be sure that the type of dispenser that you select is best for your baby, and you really can't go wrong. With this in mind, let's take a look at some different types of formula dispensers:


Since the main draw of these types of products is their ability to store multiple measurements of formula for your little one, it should be no surprise that the most common type of formula dispenser has compartments. These compartment-type dispensers usually are relatively squat, have an overarching lid, and have a pour spout for easy dispensing. The amount of compartments can vary, but the majority of products have three compartments for formula storage. When you've used up the contents of one of the compartments, simply twist the cap so that the spout is positioned over one of the others. Then, you can simply unclip the cap and pour at will.


Stackable formula dispensers work in a similar way to compartment types, except for stackable dispensers, the containers can clip onto each other in a vertical fashion. These are a little less space saving than the compartment types, but they can be handy when you want to store more than just your baby formula; making these a very versatile choice for new parents.


These dispensers are great for late night feeding. Typically, these are just formula holders that don't have compartments or any stackable functionality. They have a relatively small form factor and sport the ability to simply empty one container into your baby's bottle so that you can make one meal per container. When it's time to feed baby in the wee hours, these types are easy to open and pour without having to worry about needing a lot of light to see what you are doing.

Features You Should Consider:


For the overwhelming majority of formula dispensers, you'll have one material to choose from: plastic. While this might seem like a no-brainer for some, the type of plastic that your dispenser is made of is also very important. This is because some plastics can leech chemicals into your baby's formula. These types you should obviously avoid, so when you are looking for a new formula dispenser, look for one that is BPA free.

Dispensing System

It's important that your new dispenser can easily dispense your formula into your baby's bottle. With this in mind, you'll want to find a product that has a relatively thin mouth so that pouring it is easy. On top of this, since most parents carry their formula in a baby bag, you don't want a product that can easily just open up and spill formula everywhere when it gets jostled. When selecting a new dispenser, make sure that the cap and mouth section of the product securely fastens so that you don't suddenly have a spilled formula issue.

Now that you know what to look for, let's take a look at a few reviews.

Five Best Formula Dispensers

Tommee Tippee Formula Dispenser

formula dispenser

The Tommee Tippee dispenser is a great dispenser for parents who need a quality system of formula management that can easily be used during those late night feedings. This is because this particular dispensing system is different than the majority of the formula products on the market today; it's neither compartmentalized nor stackable. This means that you can fill up one of the small containers with whatever formula you choose, and when it comes time for those early morning feedings, you can simply pour your formula into your bottle without having to fumble with a spout.

When you examine these dispensers, they somewhat resemble lab equipment. They don't have a lot of frills or colors, yet they are very functional and convenient formula dispensers. Tommee Tippee also created these so that they can easily fit inside the majority of bottles so that storing and using the dispensers is very convenient.

  • You can fit about eight scoops of formula in these
  • The plastic is BPA-free
  • They are individualized
  • The cap is easy-to-secure
  • There is no chance of spillage
  • They are easy to open
  • They can be opened with one hand
  • Easy to use when you are holding a baby
  • Easy to prepare
  • Easy to measure out formula
  • These are easy to use with your eyes half-closed
  • Doesn't hold every brand of formula equally
  • Difficulty holding eight scoops
  • Not stackable
  • Doesn't have compartments
  • Not always travel-friendly
  • Can spill inside your diaper bag
  • They aren't compatible with every bottle
  • The lid can detach if you don't secure it properly

OXO Tot No-Spill Formula Dispenser with Swivel Lid

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OXO is a brand known for crafting quality, family-centric products. Their OXO Tot dispenser does a great job at providing measured amounts of formula for your child that you can dispense with ease. This is a dispenser with three measured compartments; each capable of storing up to a nine-ounce bottle's worth of formula for your child. The fact that this product also has rounded corners for each compartment means that it'll be easy for you to pour out formula.When it's time to feed, simply lift the cap up and swivel it behind the pour spout; this ensures that it won't get in the way as you dispense the formula into your child's bottle. After dispensing the formula, simply spin the lid of the product so that the cap and spout are positioned over another compartment. This way, the product will be ready for the next meal.

  • The compartments can hold nine ounces
  • This works with many different formula brands
  • It has a compact design
  • The plastic is BPA-free
  • This dispenser is dishwasher-safe
  • You can clean in a sterilizer
  • It's travel friendly
  • Compartments are large enough for toddler snacks
  • Formula can spill between the dividers
  • The lid can get stuck with formula
  • The cap can be hard to swivel
  • The sides can be slippery
  • Cleaning by hand can be difficult
  • It has a series of tiny surfaces
  • Powder tends to stick inside the inner rim of the cap

Nuby Milk Powder Dispenser

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Another compartment-style formula dispenser, the Nuby Milk Powder Dispenser does a great job of providing measured amount of formula for your little one. On average, you can expect to be able to fill each compartment with about eight ounces worth of formula. This is very convenient because, in total, you'll have 24 ounces of formula or three full feedings, which means that your baby will be covered if you will need to be out all day.

Nuby also provides four different options for color with this product; white, green, blue, or pink, though which you receive can vary. Like any reputable formula dispenser, this product is BPA free so that you can feel safe about giving it to your child. When it's time to feed your baby, simply flip the cap open and pour the dispenser's contents into the bottle and reseal.

  • Fits well in baby's bag
  • There no spill-over between compartments
  • This product a great on-the-go dispenser
  • The lid is easy to turn
  • The plastic is BPA-free
  • It has finger depressions for a firm grip
  • The plastic is very strong
  • The cap can get in the way of dispensin
  • These are very small
  • It shouldn't be used in a sterilizer
  • It's not easy to clean
  • The cap is somewhat flimsy
  • The lid lock isn't very secure
  • Formula can easily spill with this dispenser
  • If it gets wet, it can be hard to avoid dropping it
  • The plastic of this dispenser is pretty slippery feeling

Basilic Baby Formula Dispenser

formula dispenser

Stackable-type formula dispensers really add a lot of convenience and versatility to the formula management process. This Basilic Baby dispenser stacks neatly and has an easy-to-pour system that's unlocked by simply removing a stopper. In addition to this, when your child has outgrown formula, you can use these to store cereal, candy, or powdered drink mix. These are also very durable; you won't have to worry about these dispensers being damaged when you drop them.

Basilic also included extra tops, which is perfect as this is a portable dispenser. If you lose a top by accident, you'll have a ready replacement. It's very easy to measure formula with this product; the sides are clear, which makes it easy to use. Additionally, for the price, it's great that the people at Basilic have opted to use a BPA-free plastic, there are many products on the market today don't have this feature.

  • It's easy to measure one serving of formula
  • The stoppers are secure
  • It's very hard to spill
  • The plastic is BPA-free
  • The lids screw on very tightly
  • The stacked dispensers are very hard to dislodge accidentally
  • The product is easy to use one-handed
  • It has crevasses that are hard to clean
  • It isn't dishwasher-safe
  • You can't use the lids when stacked
  • The colors are a bit garish

Piyo Piyo 2 + 1 Milk Powder Dispenser

formula dispenser

At first glance, the Piyo Piyo 2-+-1 formula dispenser looks almost like a bottle. It's a stackable product that allows you to store and save formula in two unique compartments; the final compartment is designed for the storage of other baby-related products like pacifiers, bottle nipples, or toys.

The two formula dispensing compartments in this stackable product are designed to store as much baby formula as might be needed for up to two feedings. As a matter of fact, each compartment can store about six ounces of formula for the baby. Each compartment of this product is separated by a lid so that you can quickly store your formula without worrying about it mixing. The product is topped with a funnel that allows for the safe pouring of the baby formula that's stored in the topmost section. This funnel is also secured with a screw-off cap that won't accidentally spill.

  • The lid and funnel section is very secure
  • Compartments are easy to switch
  • Base section holds ten ounces of formula
  • The plastic is BPA-free
  • The entire product is dishwasher-safe
  • Each of the top compartments only stores about six ounces of formula
  • The color choice is random
  • The plastic sides are slippery when wet
  • The lids can be hard to unscrew


Every formula dispenser that we've featured in this guide has some great features that will help any parent manage their formula more efficiently, especially on-the-go. The product that will work best for you will greatly depend on your baby, your time constraints, and your lifestyle. Always pick a product that is BPA-free as this will prevent harmful chemicals from seeping into your baby's formula.

If we were to select a winner, our last entry, the Piyo Piyo 2 + 1 Milk Powder Dispenser would be our favorite. It has a great construction that is very secure and easy-to-pour when needed. Additionally, it really has a nice baby-friendly aesthetic that's at home with just about any baby accessory. The ten-ounce compartment has three adorable chicks on its side, which is just a very cute feature of the dispenser.

Add to this the fact that this formula dispenser has a design that's easy to grip and open. This feature is perfect for opening the dispenser one-handed, which is something that parents often have to do when feeding and comforting their babies at the same time. Also, since this is a stackable product, each compartment is kept fully separate so that you can even store different brands of formula in each area.

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