Gender Predictor: Am I having a Baby Boy or a Baby Girl?

Gender Selection based on Folklore

gender predictor

Is gender predictor possible? Due to the fact that modern family is generally smaller with only two children, gender concern is still increasing among parents. Even till today, a majority of people would still prefer to conceive a boy, which explains why folklore methods on improving the chances of conceiving a boy are still widely circulated. However, from a scientific viewpoint, these folklore methods regarding gender predictor are merely baseless assertion with no supported basis.

Folklore Methods on Conceiving a Boy

Engaging in Sexual Intercourse on Ovulation Day after Three Days of Abstinence

Abstinence will lead to an increment of the amount of sperm, and it is widely believed that this will cause sperm to swim faster towards the egg. Comparing to a short distance sprinting competition, males run faster than females. Hence, in this assumed ‘sperm race,' it is said that sperm containing the male chromosome will be able to reach the egg faster. However, there is no relation between sperm mobility and gender at all.

Cleaning the Vagina with Baking Soda

Due to the acidic environment of the vagina, it is believed to hinder the mobility of the semen, which is alkaline. Based on folklore, wiping the vagina with water and baking soda will lower the acidity level in the vagina, creating an ideal environment for Y sperm mobility and increasing the chances of conceiving a boy. However, the acidic environment is meant to neutralize the alkaline semen and eliminate weaker sperms. This is the female body’s natural selection system to select the strongest sperm. Furthermore, cleaning the vagina with water and baking soda increases the possibility of inflammation.

Wearing more breathable Clothing

It is said that men should avoid wearing clothes that are too tight-fitting, especially briefs and jeans. Tight-fitting clothes tend to increase the body temperature and testicle temperature, causing a considerable amount of Y sperm to die. In fact, a higher body temperature has an adverse effect on sperm production as a whole and not just the Y sperm.

Men should drink Espresso 15-30 Minutes before Sexual Intercourse

It is said that by consuming espresso around 15-30 minutes before intercourse, the caffeine in the coffee will stimulate sperm mobility and increase the endurance of Y sperm. In fact, drinking espresso will only hinder a good night’s sleep.

Women should consume more Alkaline Food

It is believed that the chances of conceiving a boy will increase if women consume more alkaline food while men consume more meat and other acidic food. However, a healthy child can only be conceived if both parents have a healthy diet. Eating too much acidic or alkaline food will only lead to health complications.

Sperm Ejaculation after Female Orgasm

It is believed that after a female orgasm, the vaginal environment will turn alkaline, which is more ideal for the mobility of Y sperm. Therefore, semen ejaculation after adequate foreplay and increased lubrication will be more advantageous. Indeed, the overall fertility rate is higher during sexual peak but there will be no relevance to gender predictor.

Ejaculation after Deep Penetration

To increase the chances of conceiving a boy, it is believed that sperm ejaculation from a deeper penetration would allow the Y sperm being closer to the uterus. It is also said that a missionary sexual position will also increase the chances of conceiving a male child, and these assumptions are completely unfounded.

Chances of Conceiving a Boy is Higher for Artificial Insemination

Due to the fact that specialists being capable of determining the best choices of egg and sperm, people tend to believe that they are able to identify which sperm contains the Y chromosome. In reality, the specialists are unable to distinguish the chromosomes within the sperm.

Folklore Methods to Conceive a Girl

Engage in Sexual Intercourse 2-3 Days before Ovulation

It is believed that having sex before ovulation day increases the chances of fertilization between an egg and an X-chromosome sperm. Believing that the Y-chromosome sperm can only survive outside a man’s boy for a day, so when ovulation occurs two or three days later, all the Y-chromosome sperms would not have survived and hence, increasing the chances of conceiving a girl. This is a ridiculous claim as the lifespan for sperm is generally three days, regardless of the type of chromosome they carry.

Douching with Vinegar

Contact with vinegar with a lower level of acidity will cause a slight increment in the acidity in the vaginal environment and it is believed that it will hinder the mobility of Y-chromosome sperms. This temporary change in vaginal acidity has no effect on gender options and will only result in vaginal irritation.

Men should take a Warm Bath

It is said that by increasing the body and testicle temperature, the sperm count would be reduced and there will be a higher chance of conceiving a girl. However, the amount of sperm in the semen have already been developed and matured from around 70-90 days ago.

Women should Consume more Acidic Food, whereas Men should Consume more Alkaline Food

Many believe that if men consuming a more alkaline diet such as vegetables and women consuming a more acidic diet such as meat, it will increase the alkaline and acidity level respectively. If both parents adhere to such diet between the periods of 10 days before ovulation till three days after ovulation, chances of conceiving a girl will be higher. However, this baseless method will only increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in women.

Allowing Men to attain Orgasm first

Another assumption to better conceive a girl is by ejaculation without any prior foreplay. It is believed that the virginal environment in a non-aroused woman will be higher in acidity due to reduced lubrication, which will eliminate most of the Y-chromosome sperms, leaving only the X-chromosome sperms for fertilization. This is yet another baseless belief that takes out the fun in sex.

Folklore Methods in Determining a Fetus’ Gender

Assumption Based on Fetal Movement

Boy – A common assumption is that male fetus generally has more movement in the womb. Hence, if you observe a pregnant woman having obvious fetal movement, there is a higher likelihood that she is expecting a boy.

Girl – Due to the belief that male and female fetus having different movements, it is said that if an expecting woman experience only slight movement from different parts of her womb, there is a higher likelihood that she is expecting a girl.

Assumption based on Body Shape

Boy – Stiffer, protruding flesh when you observe from the back; obvious and seemingly straight stretch marks; no feeling of breathlessness when lying down.

Girl – Seemingly slimmer outlook from the back; no obvious stretch marks; belly protruding forward and noton the sides.

Assumption based on Food Craving

Boy – It is believed that if an expecting mother who does not normally prefer meat, soup, spicy or fried foods begin developing a craving for them during pregnancy, she is most likely expecting a boy. Some other snack cravings include chestnuts, walnuts, pine nuts and other dried nuts. Other signs include milder and shorter morning sickness, good appetite and digestion.

Girl – It is believed that a pregnant woman with an increased craving for fruits is probably expecting a girl. Other signs include a constantly changing food craving, preference for noodles, cakes, bread and an increased craving for snacks.

Summing it up, there’s no harm in trying any of those gender predictor folklore that sometimes we get to hear from our grandparents. However, it is like trying on our own risk.

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