Good Posture is the Key to Avoid Pregnancy Body Pains

During pregnancy, the whole body will be uncomfortable, thus good posture must be given extra special attention. Posture, with even a slight incline, can very easily lead to abnormalities in the body. We must be clear of the correct methods and habits to achieve good posture and reduce stress.

Daily Good Posture to Reduce Back Pain


good posture

Stand with your feet, shoulder width apart. This way, your body weight will be split evenly between the two legs. If you’ll be standing for a long time, push one foot forward a little and move the pressure from the body weight to that foot, and it will feel more comfortable.

Using Stairs

Keep the back straight, keep your hands on the handrail and move slowly. During the later stages of pregnancy, it is safer to walk up or down one step at a time.

Wiping the Floor

For good posture when wiping the floor, bend knees and crouch down, the flat of the back needs to be level. If crouched or sitting on a low stool, the back will be under too much stress and will lead to discomfort.


The back needs to rest against the back rest of the chair, buttocks placed firmly on the whole of the seat, not on the edge. Keep the back straight and for maximum comfort, the knees must form a 90 degree angle between the thigh and lower leg. Avoid sitting on a tall chair.

Lying Down

It is more comfortable to lie on your side, with the leg underneath being slightly bent. If needed, a pillow can be placed under the foot causing it to be raised a little. A long cushion can be used which will allow the arm to also be raised higher. This way, lying down will be even more comfortable.

Getting Up after Lying Down

When rising, do not do so perfectly straight. First roll the body to one side and use both hands to push up from the bed and slowly rise.

Ironing Clothes

Use an ironing board of the same height as your elbows. It’s best not to bend the back when ironing.

Picking up Things

Bend one knee to crouch down, take hold of the item, and then push from the knees to stand up. Avoid lifting with your back rather than your knees.

Secret Recipe to Reducing Stress

Yoga and Gentle Gymnastics

Not only can you relieve stress, you can also preserve overall health and suppleness during pregnancy. When at home, exercise the neck, shoulders, thigh, armpit, and hollow of the elbow. It is best to find your own comfortable movement. Do some light exercise during the day or before sleep, not only will this help you fall asleep but the quality of sleep will also be improved.


Massage can help relieve nervous tension and muscle fatigue. Gently massage the hand, feet and neck muscle before sleep. This will relieve the body of the day’s build up of stress.

Deep Breathing

Deep and regular breathing can relieve muscle tension and lower heart rate to be smooth and steady making it easier to fall asleep. Open the feet shoulder width, close the mouth and slowly breathe through the nose. Feel the air enter the diaphragm and the lungs, and the abdomen will inflate, hold your breath for a second and then breathe out. Repeat four times.


Imagine you are in a quiet and safe place, crouching down on a warm sandy beach or walking in a field full of wild flowers. Imagine the details of the sounds, smell and sensation of the whole environment.

Chamomile and Lavender Tea

Chamomile tea has a calming effect. The gentle aroma of lavender tea can calm the emotions and improve the quality of sleep. A few drops of lavender oil placed directly on the pillow will suffice. Using lemon oil with bath water is also effective.

Remember to be careful in performing different tasks during pregnancy. Make sure that good posture is taken into consideration.

Sandra Henderson

Editor-in-chief at Babiology and a proud mother of four passionate about sharing pregnancy and baby growth knowledges

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