Home Remedies and Chinese Medicine Treatments while Pregnant

Let's take a moment now to learn something about side-effect-free, all natural home remedies and pregnancy supplements! Pregnancy degrades your body's natural immunity. Plus, minor pains and illnesses such as constipation, colds and headaches are a near constant and lead to frequent discomfort. Thus, it would be best if we have some idea about home remedies that we can use of during pregnancy.

Side-Effect-Free Home Remedies

The majority of home remedies does not have side effects and are safe to use when pregnant. Even if a doctor has prescribed a certain medicine, you might have reservations about taking it. If your illness does not absolutely require medicinal treatment, try and see for yourself the benefits of using folk remedies.


Fatigue, inadequate sleep and degraded immunity from exposure to cold temperatures make you susceptible to colds. If symptoms occur such as chills, fever, sneezing and runny nose, you should make sure you are getting enough nutrients and eat foods that are high in liquid.

Suggested Home Remedies

1. Bore a small hole in the middle of a pear. After peeling the pear, insert a garlic clove in the hole. Wrap the pear in moist paper, roast over a fire before eating.

2. Mix diced radish with fructose or honey, add water and stir until evenly mixed, add granulated sugar before drinking.

3. At the onset of a cold, add an egg and ginger to boiling wine, then add honey before drinking this egg-wine.

4. If it seems like your cold is getting worse drink a soup made from boiled ginger, onions and garlic.

5. For a sore throat, chop up half of a skinned lotus root for its juice. Add an egg white into the juice and gargle this mixture.

Morning Sickness

At particularly 6-8 weeks, you will begin feeling nauseous and the frequent need to vomit. These are symptoms that 60% of expecting mothers experience. In severe cases, aside from translucent stomach fluids, bile and blood may also come up in your vomit. Nausea typically stops at around 4 months pregnancy, particularly 12 months, but there is a small minority of expecting mothers for whom these symptoms last until late pregnancy. The first step to managing these symptoms is to eat a small amount of food that you enjoy, remember to avoid having an empty stomach; drink more water to prevent dehydration and constipation after vomiting.

Suggested Home Remedies

1. For mild vomiting, drink a quantity of glutinous rice that has been pulverized in a juicer.

2. Eat or suck on dried apricots.

3. Grain tea and cassia seed tea are both effective treatments for morning sickness.

4. For severe symptoms, boil dried tangerine rinds and ginger in water, or mix papaya juice with hot water and drink this effective, tea-like brew.


People who experience frequent headaches will have particularly severe headaches when they are pregnant. Symptoms appear within about 3 months pregnancy, though there are some for whom the symptoms begin during late pregnancy, at this time you should be aware of the risks of preeclampsia.

Suggested Home Remedies

1. Dried chrysanthemum flowers are easy to find at a Chinese Medicine store. Wash the flowers with running water and place them in boiling water, allow them to wilt somewhat. Remove the wilted chrysanthemums and dry them under shade. It is best if you store them away from moisture. Use about 10g of the flowers each time, putting them in a cup and adding hot water. Allow to steep. Consume after cooling.

2. Radishes are an effective headache treatment. Roll a radish on a washboard to obtain its juice. Soak a hand cloth in the juice and place it on your forehead, or drip a few drops into your nostrils. These are both simple and effective remedies.


Your uterus expands when you are pregnant and it will naturally press on your intestines, dulling these organs' functions, leading to constipation. Some anemia medicines exacerbate constipation. If this happens, you should switch to iron supplements with different ingredients and dosages. If you experience recurring constipation, drink a glass of cold water before going to bed to help eliminate constipation.

Suggested Home Remedies

1. Carrots and apples contain high amounts of vegetable fiber. Vegetable fiber protects the intestinal walls, and can aid in bowel movements. The rinds contain the highest amount of fiber. Juice an apple and a carrot with their rinds, mix these juices and drink the mixture every morning 30 minutes before breakfast.

Skin and remove the sprouts from a potato, mash it and use gauze to filter out the juice. Potatoes will change color if left out for long, so only prepare enough to use each time, drink this twice a day on an empty stomach.


It is common for expecting mothers who have just entered mid-pregnancy to suffer from dizziness. This is attributable to the fact that the fetus absorbs high amounts of iron from its mother's body in order to create blood; furthermore, blood flows to the placenta and umbilical cord during pregnancy, becoming concentrated in these places. In fact, over 1/3 of expecting mothers either suffer from or are at risk of anemia. To stave of anemia, try to eat foods like fish, beef, ox liver, spinach, and seagrasses.

Suggested Home Remedies

1. Seagrasses are rich in iron and copper which are essential for hemoglobin production. Seaweed, wakame, nori, etc. can be eaten boiled or cold with seasonings. Chill seaweed broth in your fridge and have it at the ready to add to soups or stir-fries when needed.

2. Saururaceae are an effective anemia treatment. Put 20g dried saururaceae in a pan with 200cc water. Boil away half of the water. Drink this mixture before each meal.


There are many expecting mothers who unexpectedly suffer from continuous, days-long bouts of sleeplessness. In cases of sleeplessness caused by insomnia, you may experience severe abdominal throbbing, increased fetal activity and other such symptoms. These symptoms are mainly attributable to the mental strain or feelings of unease that accompany pregnancy. To ensure a good night's sleep, you should do light exercises during the day, or take a quick bath in warm water to get you ready for bed.

Suggested Home Remedies

1. Do a meridian-point acupressure exercise called "peaceful sleep". Frequently press the dip that occurs behind the mastoid process, which is the round, thumb-sized bone protruding behind your ear. This massage allows you to fall asleep comfortably.

2. Milk soup is an effective remedy for insomnia. Mix together flower and butter until blended evenly, and place in a pan. Next, add milk and granulated sugar. Boil slowly with a weak flame. Use a spoon to stir adequately. Add ginger just when boiling is about to begin. This is a helpful sleep aid.


When pregnant, your abdomen is subjected to more pressure than before, which causes poor blood circulation and increases your risk of hemorrhoids. The characteristic sign of hemorrhoids is pain and itching around the anus. Constipation causes extreme stretching in the skin around the anus, causing bleeding. Hemorrhoids are the result of this process. To avoid constipation, drink as much water or milk as you can whenever possible. Doing so softens your feces and thereby prevents the conditions for hemorrhoids from arising. If you experience bleeding, you must seek medical attention, as there is no way to be certain that it is an effect of hemorrhoids. Take a bath with warm water every day; it is also important to maintain your bodily hygiene.

Suggested Home Remedies

1. Sesame seeds are rich in beneficial vitamins, fats and minerals. Not only that, they also contain components that lubricate the intestinal tract. Pulverize sesame seeds and brown rice together in a juicer, then boil and drink this porridge to facilitate smooth bowel movements.

2. Wrap a clove of garlic in tin foil and cook it in a flat-bottomed pan. After removing the skin, wrap the clove in gauze and apply to the affected area. This alleviates pain. Most effective if done before bed.


The abnormal secretions of hormones that occur during mid-pregnancy mean that you may experience itching all over your body. Nettle rash concentrated on the chest and abdomen produces uncomfortable itching, which may affect sleep in severe cases. The degree of itching you experience can change dramatically, and it does not disappear at all until after childbirth. Because scratching itches or trying out different creams won't get rid of these symptoms, it is important to keep yourself clean using warm water. Itching becomes more severe in the summer months, so try to keep your body cool. Wear cotton underwear, and only eat chicken and spices sparingly.

Suggested Home Remedies

1. If you experience recurring rashes and itching, drink cassia seed tea 2-3 times per day. This strengthens your digestive system and gradually eliminates itching.

2. For itching caused by sweat rash, crush a cucumber into a paste and smear it on the affected area three times per day. Smearing tangerine on affected areas also reduces symptoms. You can also take a bath in water steeped in tangerine stems.

3. Drinking chamomile fruit steeped in boiling water once or twice per day is also effective.

Hip Pain

After mid-pregnancy, nearly all expecting mothers experience hip pain and back soreness. As the uterus grows heavier and larger, the strain on the back and pelvis increases. In addition, the expecting mother's abdomen juts forward in order to balance her body, causing everything else to slant backwards. This creates sustained tension in her muscles. One good way to alleviate hip pain is to fill a bathtub with warm water and submerge your body below the waist. It is better for only half of your body to be underwater. The blood concentrated below your hips circulates more quickly, which is helpful for reducing hip pain.

Suggested Home Remedies

1. Drink kiwi fruit boiled in water. This is an effective hip pain treatment. However, the stems of kiwi fruit are toxic and capable of causing miscarriage, so be sure you are only using the fruits.


Swelling is a common occurrence during late pregnancy that accompanies the increase in bodyweight. Bodily fluids become concentrated in your legs due to the force of gravity, causing swelling in your feet. Your face, hands and other places in your body may swell as well. Although mild swelling is a regular part of late pregnancy, there is a chance that swelling in the hands and feet is a sign of preeclampsia, so you should receive a checkup and treatment from your doctor. Try to keep your feet elevated when sitting or lying down. It is recommended that you rest often. Avoid salty, spicy and frozen foods.

Suggested Home Remedies

1. Remove the seeds from a pumpkin and place them in boiling water until thoroughly boiled. Drink the water. This will eliminate swelling.

2. Drink boiled cucumber water 2-3 times per day.

3. Boil red beans in water until soft. Filter out the water, add a dash of honey and drink the mixture. This has diuretic properties and aids in eliminating swelling.

4. Mix seaweed powder, soybean powder and flower. Stir until small chunks form and add to soups or porridges. This can eliminate swelling as well.

Treating Pregnancy Troubles with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Morning Sickness

home remedies

The exact causes of morning sickness are still unknown. Research suggests that the chorion, a structural layer of the placenta, secretes sex steroids that induce vomiting; others assert that morning sickness is an allergic reaction to the incursion of the father's sperm. As for the mood-swing symptoms that occur during pregnancy, these could be due to imbalances in the autonomic nervous system. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners think that this is caused by a weak spleen and stomach, as well as poor water metabolism, acidic, phlegm-like liquid builds up in the body, causing nausea and morning sickness. Drinking medicines that replenish spleen and stomach functions, like Baosheng decoction and bighead tractylodes powder, can both dissolve phlegm and eliminate morning sickness.

For Mild Morning Sickness

For mild vomiting, drink crushed glutinous rice mixed with water to improve symptoms. Eat or suck on dried apricots to alleviate thirst caused by morning sickness. Grain tea and cassia seed tea are also effective at eliminating morning sickness. For a simple and effective folk remedy, clean off dried tangerine rinds, boil them along with ginger and drink as a tea whenever you want. This beverage prevents vomiting and increases your appetite.


Abdominal pain could be a sign of miscarriage. In general, abdominal pain accompanied by bleeding indicates that miscarriage has occurred. Overly intensive physical activity or excessive fatigue increase the chances of miscarriage. If you experience fever caused by hypermetabolism during pregnancy, in order to ensure you are getting adequate nutrients, it is necessary to treat yourself using Chinese medicines that at once reduce body heat and aid blood circulation, which mainly tend to be medicines used alongside antiabortifacients.

Uterine Bleeding

There are a number of different causes of uterine bleeding, so the symptoms and extent of this condition lack uniformity. If bleeding is accompanied by severe abdominal pain, this is a sign of miscarriage; if bleeding occurs without any abdominal pain, this is known as colporrhagia. In many cases, colporrhagia is a sign of an imminent miscarriage. If this occurs, use seed of peppergrass decoction to ensure a smooth pregnancy.


Mild swelling is something that nearly every person experiences during pregnancy. The placenta secretes female hormones which elevates water levels in the body, increasing the amount of water found in the blood and different kinds of cells. Despite being a physiological change common to pregnancies, if left unchecked, edema will increase in severity and possible develop into preeclampsia. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes this as a kind of swelling specific to pregnancy. Because spleen and stomach function has become degraded and the body is metabolizing water poorly, what is called water stagnation occurs. Bighead tractylodes powder, China root and other Chinese medicines replenish spleen and stomach Qi, improve water metabolism and help expunge stagnant water. For a food that is both nutritious and capable of treating edema, add diced pumpkin to rice and pine nuts to boil into a pumpkin porridge.

Tip: Foods and Chinese Medicines to Avoid when Pregnant

A pregnant woman should eat lightly flavored, fresh foods. Be mindful about eating fewer foods that are oily, thick, hard, spicy or hot. Nowadays, there are numerous health foods and cosmetic teas or nutritional supplements with ingredients that you should steer clear of when pregnant. Sweat inducers and muscle relaxers such as cassia bark and dried ginger; water metabolizers and wart removers such as Job's tears and yeast; phlegm reducers such as tuber of pinellia; aloes for relieving constipation and skincare; blood-clot treatments, circulatory aids such as peach cores, safflower, peony tree bark; foods that boost body temperature such as Chinese aconite – all of these have the potential to harm the fetus or cause miscarriage and should always be avoided.

Substances that Affects the Fetus

Other substances that affect the fetus include the bezoar, musk and cinnabar found in bezoar sedative pills – a commonly used supplement, so it is wise to avoid taking this. There are also a number of spicy and hot medicines that contain toxins, such as spotted cat, leeches and moths, all of which should be strictly avoided during pregnancy. Only take these home medicines with the knowledge and permission of your doctor.

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