Best Lightweight Baby Stroller Reviews in 2018

It is indeed easy to equate convenience with a lightweight baby stroller. But you know there is more to them than mere convenience. If you are very much fond of short trips which requires that you haul along your stroller for quite a few more times than the usual leisurely stroll, a lightweight baby stroller might be very convenient for you.

But then there is this question: There is indeed lots of stroller models in the market and they all offer different product features, what striking feature can a lightweight baby stroller offer me?

Well, these reviews address just that… and even more! In this review, we will give you insights on what lightweight strollers are about, certain points for checking before buying your stroller, different perspectives on the different lightweight stroller brands in the market and different installation how-to’s to get you started. By the end of this review, you will surely have a more informed buying decision.

In the Light: The Difference in Lesser Weight

double baby strollers

Just like the lesser weight seemed to compliment a person more, strollers are given even more utility when they are of lesser weight. Obviously, the striking difference is the weight. The weight of a lightweight baby stroller can even be as light as a 6 months old baby. Yes, you read that right. But they can carry up to 50 pounds of weight. So if you are fond of travelling to and fro your own house to that of your parents, or if you have a car and you always bring your baby along, this type of stroller are right for you.

However, a lightweight baby stroller is usually mixed up with umbrella strollers most of the time because both weigh approximately 15 pounds. But, there are certain distinctions. We go back to the basics. A lightweight baby stroller is designed mainly for convenience and portability; umbrella strollers are not. Therefore, it is reasonably expected that lightweight strollers usually have lesser recline seat positions, could accommodate lesser weight and have smaller storage baskets. Well, it may nevertheless be a sort of a trade-off, but other than those factors a lightweight baby stroller can pretty much ease the difficulties of having to carry your baby around.

Now that you already know what lightweight strollers are all about, the following section might be of great help should you decide to purchase one.

Some Tips Might Help

Well, with the market swarming about with the different models of strollers, we believe that a meticulous buyer must at least know a few tricks to spot the best lightweight baby stroller. But of course, the choice is largely influenced by your own preferences. To facilitate this process, we have outlined a series of questions you might want to answer before settling down on a specific product.

● What purpose shall the lightweight baby stroller serve?

Now this question typically goes beyond the “carries my baby” aspect. Instead, it is more focused on your purpose as a parent. Sure enough, we all want a stroller which can hold our baby comfortably but on which occasions? If your purpose is to have a stroller for everyday use, a lightweight baby stroller is not necessary. But, if you want it to be used only for quick errands and short but frequent travels and even other occasions for which the weight of the stroller matters that much, then a lightweight baby stroller is definitely what you need.

● How long do you intend to use the lightweight stroller?

Well, as mentioned earlier, lightweight strollers generally have lesser weight capacity than the normal strollers. This is the trade-off we give to acquire convenience and portability. If you intend to use it longer, you might want to check the weight capacity and estimate whether it can support the time frame you have set for your child to use such. Greater weight capacity entails a greater usage period for your child.

● How secure do you wish your child to be?

This question does not necessarily connote that a lightweight baby stroller does not have as much security features as the other types of strollers. Instead, this is intended for you to gauge the type of security you want for your child. Most strollers nowadays have five-point harnesses, parking brakes and locks. In fact, there are many lightweight stroller models who can offer the basics. The overriding principle in choosing the security features of your stroller is the behaviour of your child. Squirmy babies most definitely need a more advanced feature. However, we are parents so it would actually do well not to be too complacent in this aspect. A basic tip, though. Strollers or any other product for that matter, bearing the certification of the Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS are guaranteed to be safe.

● How often do you wish to use it?

Yes, although this question seems like a reinforcement of the first question, the objective of this is to know how often you would have to clean your stroller. Generally, parents purchase a lightweight baby stroller not as an everyday tool but for occasions. If you usually go on short trips or travel, the stroller might be cleaned more regularly as it is exposed to use. In buying, you also have to consider the materials of the parts of the stroller and determined whether they are capable of easy cleaning.

● What do you want?

Sure, we always put our children first, but the time you spend in walking your baby is an experience for the two of you. Thus, you must also consider whether there are features which you want on the stroller. Just, something that could assist you in taking care of your baby. This might include, but are not limited to storage baskets, cup holders and parent organizers. However, it is a fact that since a lightweight baby stroller tends to focus more on the weight auxiliary features such as the aforementioned might not be readily available with the product. But, you can always purchase them separately from the market and you actually get to choose those which are compatible to the model you purchased.

Best in terms of Quality and Affordability:

ZOE XL1 Lightweight Umbrella Stroller System 

Based on our evaluation among the different products in the market, we believe that this particular model is the best in terms of quality and affordability. In fact, it has gained 4.40 out of 5.00 stars on Amazon and has come in tenth in the lightweight baby stroller category.

Well, for starters, we will give you a background on this product's manufacturer. It is manufactured by ZOE strollers. It is a relatively new manufacturer in the baby stroller market. In fact, it is not even a part of some huge conglomerate. Instead, it is a family business which started from six employers – all of whom are part of a single family. To be specific, this brand started in November 2015. Perhaps the secret of this Company is its ability to cater not only to the needs of the baby who will be using the stroller but to the parent as well. While some strollers offer extreme comfort for the baby (not that it is bad at all), the Company is able to manufacture products with different auxiliary features which caters particularly to the needs of the parents or babysitters as well. For some products, you might have to purchase separately some cup holders and belly bars and check whether they are compatible to your baby stroller, the Company's products save you from that trouble. To top it all, the products are even offered at very affordable prices. Throughout its months in operations, the Company has been able to innovate their products more just so it could be convenient for travel and storage. We will be discussing the specific features of this specific model shortly.

This particular product has been advertised by the manufacturer as very much convenient for everyday urban and city travel. You name it, this product can actually help you take your baby to places. Well, this specific feature is made possible by the following factors:

1. An aluminium frame

Of course, the feature that distinguishes lightweight strollers from other types of strollers in the market is its unbelievably light weight, as the name suggests. This product weighs only 9 pounds, but can accommodate a baby weighing up to 50 pounds. That may seem quite a stretch, but believe us, it is made possible by an aluminium frame. The material is generally light and is more than able to keep the whole structure of the stroller as sturdy as possible. Imagine taking a stroller around with such light weight and high quality and we bet it would be very easy to imagine a ZOE lightweight stroller being strolled around!

2. A one-hand fold

Consistent with its commitment to offering convenience to its customers, ZOE Strollers have devised this product in such a way that the parent looking after the baby gets to fold the stroller easily especially in public transportation venues. Convenient, isn't it?

3. Awesome Deals in Built-in features

As earlier mentioned, the manufacturer has prided itself in value-adding features to its product. And of course, this model is of no exception. It provides your child a cup holder and snack tray. And because ZOE Strollers also care about you, this product even has a parent cup holder and a padded front belly. Awesome value on top of convenience, indeed.

4. Effective Protection from the Elements

This stroller, despite its weight, has a large extendable canopy. ZOE strollers believes that the essence of convenience is a stroller's ability to adapt to the weather conditions in the destination so you can be assured that even in a new environment, your child is protected from the elements. If it starts to drizzle, you can open the magnetic peek-a-boo window so your baby does not get too wet while you scramble around for a shade.

But of course, in line with ZOE's commitment to innovation, the canopy has another feature: that of a storage pocket at the back of the canopy. You might need to store your phones and keys in a more accessible area. This feature addresses just that. See? This is definitely a baby and parent convenience in one product.

5. Different shades and sizes

ZOE strollers have developed different colours you can choose from - Aqua, Black, Eloise Plum, Lime Green, Orange, Red and Yellow. What's more, its products are offered in two sizes; those for one child and double lightweight stroller. Now that is quite a good deal, isn't it?

6. A Safety Reassurance

This product and in fact all ZOE brands have passed the JPMA certification. This means that it is indeed a product which can assure your child's safety. Moreover, it has conformed to the ASTM F404 Safety Standards.

ZOE Strollers is also committed to taking care of their customers even after purchase! Yes, you read that right! It offers you a lifetime warranty and guaranty on your wheels. You see, the wheels are quite the essence of strollers so if you happen to have broken wheels, ZOE strollers commits to repair them.

With these good features discussed, we feel compelled that it is also your right to know the downsides of this product. Well, it is not really something we consider to be very much detrimental as it only involves storage. Specifically, this stroller does not stand on its own when folded, that is, you would have to find a sturdy wall to let it lean on. Also, we noted that some customer complained about hard to operate harness locks, but we believe that this is so for the baby to be unable to work out of the harness system intended to secure him or her.

In conclusion, this product is definitely the best for a more convenient travel with your baby. And that comfort is something you get at $129.99 only! If you wish to know more about this product, you may refer to the video below:

Best Value for Money:

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, Tangerine

If you are looking for relatively more affordable, lightweight baby stroller, then we believe this stroller by Summer Infant is right for you! This model breaks away from the usual cheaper model, cheaper quality mind set. In fact, it has garnered 4.40 out of 5.00 stars on Amazon, an online marketing portal. It has even reached a whopping number 7 in the baby lightweight ranking! Sounds awesome, right? Why don't we get to know a little about its manufacturer first?

Summer Infant has had its roots in 1985, when William Lockett III sought for ways to let her daughter, named Summer, stay while he is busy in his work. Indeed, this sweet desire of a father to protect his baby has become the foundation of Summer Infant. Over the years, the Company grew and has dedicated itself to developing products which are safe for babies and innovative enough to withstand the passage of time. The Company has even sought out the knowledge of experts such as pediatricians and lactation consultants to ensure that their products facilitate the development of your child. On top of that, its production process is deemed cost effective and such redounds to the benefit of its customers who are receiving high value from a relatively lesser price.

Now that we know a little of the manufacturer's background, let us know more about the features of this particular model.

1. Light as a feather

This baby stroller is made of aluminum material. This being so, it is literally as light as a feather as it weighs only 12 pounds. But, it can carry around a child weighing up to 50 pounds. Now, that is quite a good deal.

2. Three-step easy fold

Now, what actually makes lightweight strollers perfect for travel is its ability to be easily transported from one place to another. One of the factors is weight, but the other factor you should also consider is the portability or its folding mechanism. This product offers you a three-step folding mechanism - you just have to lift the handle in the rear, using your foot, push the lever, fold the frame and you are now good to go! It is not that hard to go by the book, isn't it?

3. Maximum Protection from the UV Rays

There is indeed more to this product's canopy. Aside from the fact that it is large enough to physically protect your baby from the elements, it has a pop out sun visor which is rated to be able to block as much as 99.9% of the harsh UVA and UVB rays. A little bit of fun fact, though, UVA rays are those that penetrate into our skin's dermis. Too much exposure results to aging and wrinkling. UVB rays, on the other hand, burns some layers of your skin and is actually proven to cause skin cancer. Given these risks, it is only right that you get to have a hand on strollers which offer the maximum protection for your baby.

4. Flexible for your Baby's Needs

Imagine this. While strolling along the park, you suddenly need to change the diaper of your baby, but you brought along your lightweight stroller and not the pram one. Tough, isn't it? Well, this stroller model does not give you the stress in situations just like that. The seat can recline until it is in a flat position. This feature enables your baby to take little naps on the go.

5. Security is the priority

As mentioned earlier, this product can hold a baby weighing up to 50 pounds. Now, that translates to almost three years of age. Yes, you got it right. This stroller grows with your baby! Not only that, its security system does that too! It has a five-point harness that suppresses the movement of your squirmy baby to your active toddler! This is a maximum security over time!

This product is also available in six different colors - Black, Tropical Green, Caribbean Blue, Hibiscus Pink, Tangerine and Citrus!

While many customers have given very positive reviews for this product, a few have expressed their disappointment over the fact that this stroller does not stand when folded. However, this is a common flaw for lightweight strollers as manufacturers cut the amount of materials used for such strollers in order to achieve lesser weight. Since this does not materially reduce the capacity of the product, we do not necessarily consider this is a major downside.

In general, we believe that this product is actually best for parents who are looking for quality strollers but are constrained by budget concerns. If you are interested to know more about this product, you may refer to the video below:

Double the fun:

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

We all fret about the hassle in taking along our child. Sure enough, lightweight strollers came as an answer to that. But what about taking along two children? Is there any lightweight stroller for two babies? The answer is a big "Yes." This product from Joovy is an answer to your worries. It is also of great quality as it has garnered 4.20 out of 5.00 stars on Amazon. This is quite a better performance than most brands.

The manufacturer, Joovy Strollers, is a popular manufacturer of double baby stroller.It is a US-based company which has started from the commitment of a family towards baby products. Throughout the years, it has gained the reputation of a skilled manufacture for high-quality and innovative products for babies.

This product, in particular, is not an exception to the tradition of excellence. It has, among others, the following features:

1. Easy manoeuvrability

Joovy believes that the keys to manoeuvrability are the light weight and the flexible wheels. Well, true to the concept of lightweight strollers, this model weighs 20% less than the standards Joovy caboose (double) stroller. Thus, this stroller gives you the maximum manoeuvrability even with two children in tow.

2. Stand on Tandem feature

The essence about having two babies along is further enhanced with the stand on tandem feature. For starters, this product allows a flexible reclining position. One of the seats gets to recline flat. While being so, the other baby may stand at the other seat. Usually, the older sibling is entrusted with such capacity. So, your baby gets to stand and sit while you are all on a stroll. This enables the older sibling to develop a sense of independence so this is actually very favourable to both you and your children.

3. State of the Art Security Features

While this product allows your children the freedom to move around, it is nevertheless secure. Your children will have the best security on top of rear wheel brakes to ensure that unwanted movements during parking are avoided. Its wheels are suspended so as to ensure the smoothest ride for your baby.

4. Presents in Need

This product comes with many other features which can complement the stroller and your baby's needs. This comes with large storage basket underneath so you can store more things for your children. But of course it also comes with a parent organizer just so you could separately store your keys and phone. This also comes with a universal car seat adapter which is compatible with many branded products in the market. With regards feeding, this product comes with two cup holders each for your children.

Joovy does not restrict your creativity; hence, this model is available in two colors – black and greenie. While the features described portray a very reliable tandem lightweight stroller, a few customers expressed dismay upon the tight space of one child when the other stands up. However, we hardly consider this as a downside since it is reasonably expected to be so.

In general, we believe that this product is exceptional and in fact good for your children. If you wish to know more about the product, please see the video below:

Something You Might Find Interesting:

Baby Standard Strollers

Because lightweight strollers may possess lesser utility than baby standard strollers, we believe that standard strollers might pique your interest for long-term use. As you can see lightweight strollers are used mostly for travelling, but if you do not really consider travelling that much, standard strollers then may prove to be of service to you. For starters, it is a bit difficult to distinguish standard strollers as there are lots of strollers in the market. But, usually it possesses a comfortable seat with padded cover which can recline into different positions. This may allow the baby to face towards you or against you – depending on product orientation. Most standard strollers, as mentioned earlier, possesses a much greater variety of features you may choose from – anything that could make you feel very comfortable – as compared to a lightweight baby stroller, which, is essentially restricted by the desire of the manufacturers to reduce its weight. In general, the level of reliance you should place on either of the two should be based on the frequency of your need to travel with your child.

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