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It’s important to maintain your skin and hair during pregnancy. Due to hormonal change, increased perspiration and sebum secretion during pregnancy, skin will become weak, flaccid and both freckles and acne will appear. During the second trimester of pregnancy, not only skin but hair also will need to be regularly washed to maintain tidiness.

The Principle of Skin Maintenance


During pregnancy, skin will undergo a varying degree of changes. Because of the effect of the hormonal changes on the skin, it is very important to know how to maintain skin during pregnancy.

Oil and Water Balance during Washing

During pregnancy, changes in hormones will cause the face to be more oily than usual and skin will become difficult to manage. Sebaceous glands along the forehead and down the nose will secrete more fervently, yet fewer sebaceous glands around the cheek and chin regions will result in dryness.

In severe cases, keratosis may form. If pimples were present before pregnancy then during pregnancy, the acne will certainly increase, so careful attention is needed during cleansing. To preserve the balance between oil and water levels in the skin, we must use products with extra strong moisturizing function. Furthermore, stress will also cause acne to become even more severe, which in turn gives rise to an assortment of skin problems, so please be prepared!

If the condition is severe, it is best to seek medical attention from a hospital or skin care center. The Vitamin A contained within acne medicines will accumulate in the body and could cause deformities in the unborn child; therefore, if you do seek medical attention, the doctor must be informed of the pregnancy, thus allowing the doctor to give a more specialized prescription. Please avoid using any treatments containing Vitamin A or Tetracycline antibiotics. This way, the acne treatment will not result in any major problems.

Avoiding UV Rays Prevents Freckles

Sunlight, hormonal change and stress will cause the appearance of melasma (a type of brown spot) and freckles. They characteristically grow on both sides of the cheeks and sunlight is the main culprit for their appearance. Complete isolation from sunlight is the most effective method in preventing their emergence. Not only avoiding during time spent outdoors but also when indoors, UV ray sunblock and Hydroquinone whitening cream often need to be applied. This will suppress melanin and is effective in showing a quick and clear improvement. Therefore, it is recommended to use heavy application of sunblock and skin whitening products on the areas of skin where it is easy to develop freckles and melasma.

Sunblock must have the ability to protect against UV A and UV B rays; therefore sunblock with a SPF of over 15 is best. This protection is easy to be washed away by perspiration; therefore, it must be applied at regular intervals of between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Furthermore, UV A can pass through 0.3 cm of glass, so for those who work indoors and are positioned near a window, it is also best to keep protected.

Stretch Mark Prevention from 5th Month of Pregnancy

We are still not certain of the cause of stretch marks. They mainly occur as a result of the skin being suddenly stretched and thus causing the flesh to harden. Doctors speculate that the increase of body weight causes abnormal skin function which, along with hormonal changes within the body, could be a contributing factor.

Stretch marks and wrinkles are the same wherein after their appearance; they are not easyily removed. Due to the higher fat levels in the breast, inner thigh, buttock, lower abdomen and waist areas, there is a higher chance of their appearance, just before this time, slight depressions can be felt when compared to the surrounding skin. Typically speaking, when the flesh begins to harden, it will begin to itch and start to turn red, then after a short time the redness will turn white and the skin will contract.

Bandages can be used on the stretch marks to reduce tension and applying lotion will even out the body fat, this will help to reduce the condition. Using baby oil for massage is also good with the greatest reduction after the area turns white. To avoid any trace of stretch marks, prevention is the best course of action; therefore, weight control is very important. When entering 5 months pregnancy, use stretch mark lotion, baby oil and essential oil (cannot be used freely by pregnant women, use only with doctor’s prescription) etc. Repeatedly and continuously massage on the belly and breast areas.

Moisturizing Masks for Sensitive Skin

During pregnancy, the body temperature will increase, therefore will feel hot. There will be a noticeable increase in perspiration and skin secretions. To maintain clean skin, a moisturizing mask can be used.

Using cotton pads soaked in green tea and placed on the face will calm the effect of harmful sunlight on the face. The application of acidic gel will cause facial pores to contract, so using a spinach mask is also good. Spinach contains vitamin H which serves to mend sun-damaged skin. Finely chop the spinach, squeeze out the juice, mix with flour and then apply to the face, leave until dry before removing. Organic spinach without any agricultural chemicals must be used in order to be safe.

For very greasy skin, using a potato or kiwi mask is best. Potato contains ingredients which will cause the skin pores to contract and reduce oil levels, the potato mask method is the same as the spinach mask mentioned above.

Specialist Cosmetics for Pregnancy Induced Sensitive Skin

The majority of pregnancies will be troubled by one or two skin problems, though naturally sensitive skin is even easier to suddenly develop problems. During these times, it is beneficial to use specialist cosmetics for use in pregnancy. These products were formulated with careful consideration for the mother and unborn child’s health, and are therefore much safer to use.

Facial Bone Massage

In the wake of the enlargement of the uterus, blood circulation will in turn become irregular. The face will become very bloated, especially the corners of the eyes where the skin will become sensitive and more prone to develop fine lines. When the skin becomes weak, then it is time to start Meridian massage.

Countermeasure to Reduced Facial Elasticity

After facial swelling, skin becomes weak and will lose elasticity. It just so happens that the corner of the eyes will swell and are easiest to develop fine lines. For those whose constitutions are typically easier to swell, the condition will be more severe during pregnancy, so you must work hard to prevent it. The consuming of water must be limited in the evenings and before sleep.

10 Minutes per Day Meridian Massage

Meridian massage will give the face suitable stimulation, boost blood circulation and therefore will help to reduce swelling. Massage can be done at any time during the day, especially before sleep or after waking. Massaging during high levels of fatigue is the most effective.

Wash Hands Clean before Massage

Meridian massage has no special points needing attention, the only thing to pay special attention to is to first clean the skin and fingers. Fingertips have perspiration, dust and all manner of germs invisible to the naked eye. Massaging with dirty hands may give rise to small lumps on the skin, please ensure massage is done after the washing of the hands.

Small Block of Common Knowledge

The Production of Freckles and Melasma

Melasma is a pigment disorder and is connected with melanin. Melasma can be caused by sunlight, female hormones and genetic inheritance. If the mother has lots of melasma, so then will the child. Those susceptible to develop melasma, contact with UV rays or hormone change caused by pregnancy will cause the pigment cells to increase; women with melasma have 3-4 times more pigments in the surface of the skin than normal people. Melasma has three types: melanin on the surface of the skin causes the ‘epidermal’ type, the deeper layer ‘dermal’ type and the two mixed together form the third ‘mixed’ type. 90% of people with melasma have the epidermal type and roughly 10% have mixed type. By looking at the color, the epidermal type of melasma is a light brown color and the dermal type is a dark brown color. The best prevention method is for complete isolation from UV rays, but as UV rays can also reach us indoors, sunblock lotion must still be applied. For those who suffer from melasma, it doesn’t matter whether or not they receive treatment for the condition, but it would be better to allow the melasma to lighten after pregnancy. When attending a hospital for examination, cosmetics can be worn by applying sunblock along with a thin layer of foundation cream and basic cosmetics. However, during examination, the doctor must look at the pregnant woman’s complexion; if cosmetics are applied too heavily, it will prevent the doctor seeing accurately.

Note that to maintain your skin and hair during pregnancy; you should be properly guided with the above details, though each pregnancy is different from one another.

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