Making Love or Sex during Late Term Pregnancy

As you are approaching baby delivery, there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to sex. Your body is changing rapidly and your breasts have grown bigger as well as your tummy, and your sex drive is maybe on the decline. After about 8 months, the cervix has become more fragile and you will need to be more careful when having sex.

Do’s and Don’ts

Minimize sex as much as possible in the last 4 to 6 weeks


The acidity within the vagina is now lower than before and any bacteria that find its way into the vagina will find it easier to grow. Making love now could lead to infection or increase the risk of complications such as causing your water to break early. Though some doctors may suggest it is OK to have sex up until you give birth, most would suggest stopping during 9 to 10 months pregnant, particularly 4 to 6 weeks, before your due date.

Keep sex as gentle as possible

Having strong sexual encounters have been known to start contractions early and this must be avoided for obvious health reasons. Several popular sexual positions can put too much pressure on your tummy and both these conditions could cause you to go into an early labor and jeopardize the baby. After 9 months pregnant, the cervix is very fragile and care must be taken not to cause any damage before birth.

Use condoms

Seminal fluid is known to contain elements that can stimulate contractions, so it is advisable to always wear condoms while having sex to prevent the possibility of inducing an early labor. Condoms also help prevent infection which, in a pregnancy, could cause complications with the birth.

Stop sex if you have vaginal bleeding or tummy pains

If you have any of the following problems, tummy pain, edema, vaginal bleeding or discomfort while having sex, then you must stop having sex immediately and consult your doctor.

Making Love: Better Sex Positions in Late Term Pregnancy


The woman lay on her side and the man curls up behind her. In this position, there is no pressure on the tummy and penetration is not too deep.

Sitting position

The man sits and the woman sits on the man, whether they face each other or not is fine. There is no pressure on the tummy and the depth of penetration can be easily controlled.

Positions that should be avoided in late term pregnancy

Missionary position (legs up)

This is an alternative to the normal missionary position which can increase penetration depth and increase pressure on the uterus. After the second trimester, it becomes harder to perform this position.

Cowgirl position

This position will lead to increased pressure on the uterus after the second trimester or for those who have a short vagina. But as the woman can control the depth of penetration, this position can be safe if care is taken.

Doggy style

This position can result in deep penetration and can cause increased pressure on the uterus but it is very easy to adjust the depth of penetration. So as long as care is taken, this position is OK up until the end of the second trimester.

So much for the do’s and don’ts in making love during late term pregnancy.

Sandra Henderson

Editor-in-chief at Babiology and a proud mother of four passionate about sharing pregnancy and baby growth knowledges

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