My Wife is Pregnant, How Should I Support?

"My wife is pregnant for the first time, what do I need to do?". This is commonly the words I hear from fathers to be.It is important that the husband takes part in the pregnancy process, too by being a good husband. The fetus in her belly can feel the same deep affection that mom gets. What's more, there are numerous important tasks that require a husband's assistance during pregnancy. A good husband needs to know how to treat a pregnant woman on their first trimester until giving birth.

How to be a Supportive Husband during Pregnancy

Understand when Your Wife Loses Her Temper

my wife is pregnant

Changes in your wife's body or fears about baby delivery are sources of emotional instability. She may become angry for no reason, have irregular mood swings, or feel intense insecurity. These are all caused by the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy. A husband should take these moods as a given and not blame anyone while doing all he can to keep his pregnant wife in a pleasant mood.

Show Your Wife Unflagging Love

Sometimes, the best thing you can do to help your pregnant wife when she becomes angry is to not say anything at all, but instead tolerate her behavior with gentleness. No matter how much your pregnant wife has lost her temper, expressing honest words that demonstrate your love will go a long way to make her feel better. Give her more phone calls or write her notes to show how much you love her.

Comforting Your Wife

Bringing your wife flowers or dolls when she has morning sickness is not as good as playing her gentle calming music, listening to quiet and soothing songs before bed, having tea and chatting after a meal, or finding other ways to spend your leisure time together.

Always Losing the Argument

If mom is in a good mood, the fetus will also feel at ease. A mother's anger or sadness may affect the unborn child as well. For this reason, even if it's just a minor argument, a husband should learn how to concede defeat and not talk back to his wife. You should try to avoid causing stress or worry in the fetus by helping your wife stay in a stable mood.

Quit Smoking for Your Family's Sake

Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide which deprives blood of oxygen, while nicotine constricts blood vessels and prevents the fetus from getting adequate oxygen and nutrients. Oxygen and nutrient deficiency leave the fetus susceptible to low bodyweight and mental handicaps, they also increase the risks of premature birth and miscarriage. When these babies grow older, they may experience delayed cognitive development and predisposition to cold and acute bronchitis.

Be Proactive about doing Chores

Many household chores involve bending forward or standing for extended period of time. These activities further strain the expecting mother's body and can also affect the fetus, so a husband should proactively help cook, wash the dishes, clean, do laundry, etc. Do more chores as the pregnancy progresses, you should make gradual mental preparations to adjust to the added responsibilities.

Pregnancy Guide for Men

Lifting or Moving Heavy Objects

When your wife is pregnant, she cannot perform household chores as easily as before. Performing all of the tasks that she did before pregnancy will most certainly lead to bodily discomfort, so it is up to her husband to help out. Tasks that strain the abdomen include putting blankets away and lifting heavy objects. It is very dangerous for pregnant women to strain their abdomens, thus a husband should always lend a helping hand.

Lifting Objects from High Places

Early pregnancy is when the chance of miscarriage is at its highest. This is especially the case for taking down objects from high places – a very dangerous activity. When not particularly cautious, it may lead to pregnancy complications.


Go shopping with you wife once per week and buy everything you need at that time. As you walk and stroll from store to store, you'll become more familiar with the prices for things. It is likely that the husband will have to go shopping on his own once the baby is born.


It is very dangerous for an expecting mother to kneel down and scrub the floor. This is definitely something that the husband needs to help out with.

A wife pregnancy should be provided with, as much as possible, all things positive where a good husband can play a role of.

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