Things Every New Dad Should Know

Most of the time, topics about what moms should do are discussed but it is seldom that the new dad is brought to the topic. At the end of a woman’s pregnancy, it is quite normal for the woman to become nervous and even a little frightened and this is not helped by the increased discomfort brought on by a heavy tummy and back pain. The new dad needs to help his wife manage her pain and overcome her nerves and fear.

What a New Dad Needs to Know

Try carrying a 10kg bag around your waist!

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You have observed your partner increase in size and get heavier and heavier each month. Maybe you have even seen her back arch with the extra strain. She is effectively carrying a heavy bag around her waist, the uterus, baby and water contained within her tummy now weighs about 10kg. This extra weight will lead to back pain whatever it is she tries to do and her partner, the new dad, must now do as much as possible to help relieve this pain, such and a nice gentle massage.

Taking care of the housework

As your partner's tummy gets bigger, it is now getting increasingly harder and harder for her to do the housework. Not only the heavy chores such as cleaning the bathroom, but even the simple tasks like folding clothes when they come out of the dryer. It's time to step up and take over these daily chores and give your partner a rest.

Become familiar with the body changes of your partner

It is common for her now to have numb hands and feet, sore legs and get cramps, so whenever possible, offer to give her a massage to ease the pain and discomfort. Now that she has a big tummy that interrupts her sleep most nights, try and allow her to take as many naps as she needs during the day.

Do a hospital “recce”

You will need to be ready to go to the hospital at a moment’s notice so you will need to know how long it will take to get there and confirm with the hospital if there are any special requirements before you arrive.

Comfort your partner to get rid of her concerns

In the late term of pregnancy, your partner will start to become more forgetful, clumsy, move around more slowly, and have more worries and concerns. So now it is your time to offer comfort and support and always try and be there for her whenever she needs you.

Encourage her to give birth naturally

If your partner is very nervous and concerned about giving birth naturally because everyone around her is saying that baby delivery is the most painful and hardest thing a woman can do. You need to step in and assure her that everything will be OK and that after giving birth she will be fine.

Make a plan for after the birth

Talk to your partner and discuss finding some assistance for after the birth to help take care of the baby. If you really can’t find anyone who can help take care of the new baby and mother, then you might consider looking into using a professional postpartum nursing center.

Call the new mommy at least twice a day

In the last month of pregnancy, nobody knows when the baby will come. You must make sure to call your partner as often as you can to check and see if she is OK. To help her feel relaxed when you call; try talking about something different to take her mind of the waiting. Your phone calls will be appreciated moments of stability that will help calm and reassure your partner.

Do not eat too much

It is very common to have an increased appetite towards the end of your pregnancy. To help your partner control her calorie intake, it would be better for the fried chicken, pizza eating and beer drinking partner to also control their diet. If you just can't cut out bad food or snacks, then at least try to switch to something healthy like fruit between meals.

Tips: How to clean the house before the arrival of your new baby

· Lift up all the small furniture and clean underneath. Use a damp cloth to wipe all the surfaces to remove possible insects or dust mites.

· Wash all the quilts, sheets, pillows and curtains and use only sunshine to dry them.

· Use newspaper to scrub the unclean areas under the windows and doors and make sure all the gaps, tracks and corners are all cleaned.

· Any broken or badly damaged windows in your home should be repaired or replaced.

· Disinfect the bathroom and all storage cupboards.

· Have all the air-conditioners, fans, ovens and electrical appliances cleaned and put dust covers on appliances where needed.

· Clean and put away all your unnecessary items.

· Now is a good time to throw away unnecessary items.

· As a new dad, remember to provide all help that you can give your wife during her pregnancy which will also aid in easing her worries.

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