5 Diet and Exercise Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy

There are lots of women who try so hard to lose weight and become slim once again. Pregnancy and delivery are the main causes that lead to obesity. To regain a slim body shape, excess slimming diet will damage one’s health. Therefore, it is a must to gain knowledge about how to lose weight healthily.

Post Delivery Diet Principles

Obesity Management Before and After Delivery

If moms overlook their weight management during pregnancy, she will find that it is difficult to lose weight after delivery. The ideal weight change during pregnancy is to increase 12 KG, while calories are expected to increase 500 calories more thanpre-pregnancy period. Most importantly, nutrients intake must be ensured. In other words, you should intake healthy food and manage weight. Let alone obesity after delivery, moms should be aware of gestosis, diabetes and lumbago caused by obesity during pregnancy. After that, they can then deliver their children securely.

Breastfeeding is the Most Effective Diet Method after Delivery

Pregnant women eat a lot due to hormone changes which lead to storage of adipocytes with large size and quantity. Therefore, it is quite difficult to regain the original body size and shape after delivery. The accumulated fat inside the body, especially those body fat accumulated in the belly, will gradually vanish through breastfeeding. While breast milk is best for babies, breastfeeding is good for Moms. Those who breastfeed consume 800 more calories than those who do not. Thus, Moms who do not do breastfeeding will encounter more difficulties in losing weight.

Do Postpartum Exercises 6 weeks after Delivery

6 weeks after delivery, mothers should start to do postpartum exercises. Women who breastfeed can go on a diet starting from 6th month after delivery; while those who don’t can start dieting 3 months after delivery, under the condition of not impairing health. Taking a stroll and other similar outdoor activities can be of help too.

Begin Real Diet 6 Months after Delivery

Exercises not only lead to weight loss but also instill sufficient oxygen into your body. Do some aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, aerobic dancing, playing tennis, yoga, and swimming along with food therapy 6 months after delivery. If your goal is to lose 2-3kg a month, then your daily calories will be“Your Targeted Weight X 25”. Note down your daily weight and do more exercises.

Keep Away from Food that Leads to Obesity

There are no differences between general diet and postpartum diet. You should constrain yourself from eating high-calories food such as chocolates and desserts. Do not consume any food after 8:00PM, avoid cold drinks, snacks and other high-calories food.

The Secret Diet Methods to Remove Edema and Fat (Lose Weight)

Postpartum Exercises

Postpartum exercises are very helpful in recovering body shapes after delivery. Mom’s womb becomes bigger while pelvis, anus, and vaginal muscles become loose. Perform postpartum exercises to help uterus contractions, promote blood circulation, and help vaginal contractions, which can smooth out the process of breastfeeding. Perform abdominal breathing starting from the second day after delivery for natural labor; starting from the first week for C-section.The most appropriate exercising period is 20 minutes per day. Choose an exercise that fits your own body. However, do not exercise when you have a fever or right after meal intake.

Yoga after Delivery

Yoga was passed down from India since 5000 years ago which is a physical and psychological practice. Postpartum yoga is a versatile exercise which applies yoga principles that fit moms better. Yoga which encourages abdominal breathing that can provide more oxygen than respiration is of help for removing fat. Abdominal muscles that you don’t usually use will be in use. It helps in getting rid of extra abdominal fat. Doingexercises along with abdominal breathing at the same time will give the best effectiveness.

Taking a Stroll

You can easily adjust the speed and tempo when you walk dependent on your body’s condition. It is a practical exercise which can dissolve fat inside your body without requiring special tools or location. Everyone can start strolling easily. The effect is different based on different ways of walking. At the beginning, walk slowly, and then gradually increase your speed. The most effective way is by walking rapidly, which may lead to uncomfortableness. Thus, walk at the speed that you can talk to someone simultaneously in 15 minutes. It is encouraged for you to wear sport shoes with cushion to avoid causing discomfort to your joints.

Water Sports

Water sports like synchronized swimming is not harmful to your body; instead, it is a good way to fix your body figure. In the water, you may walk or run without any weight burden and the degree of movement can be higher due to frictional force.

It is more appropriate for the water temperature to be around 32 to 34 degree Celsius. General water temperature in the swimming pool is 27 degrees Celsius which is to alleviate your weight in the swimming pool. Do not exceed 30 minutes in the swimming pool under the permitted situation.

Dumbbell Exercises

Dumbbell exercise stimulates muscles, elevates basic metabolism, and consumes body energy. You can choose dumbbell weight that fits you and adjust the strength of your exercises, hence suitable for pregnant women. Stand upward, lift the dumbbell forward and sideward, then bend down and lift up, next lie down and lift up. All these postures are very good exercises. Repeat it 15 times and gradually increase to 25 times. Months later, slightly increase dumbbell weight. You don’t have to do every day. Doing it every 2-3 days is better to avoid discomfort.

Postpartum Exercises

1. Breathing with Breaks in Between

You can do starting from the 2ndday after delivery. It is of great help for blood circulation. Do 5-6 times in every 2-3 hours. Lie down with two knees pointing upward, and fingers putting above your chest and abdomen. Push your fingertips downward and breath. Temporarily refrain from respiration, and then exhale.

2. Abdominal Breathing

Use your nose to inhale, and exhale through your mouth. When you inhale, keep your upper body fixed and pluck up your lower abdomen. After repeating it three times, close your mouth and use your nose to breathe. Inhale 5 seconds, then exhale 10 seconds. Then do the following steps: inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 20 seconds, then exhale for 10 seconds. At first, it is hard to hold your breath. You can start by holding your breath for 5 seconds then increase the time gradually.

3. Wrist Movement

Stretch out your arms straightly, up to the height of your shoulders. Then shake your wrist 10 times. Repeat fists expansion movement.

4. Feet Movement

Put your feet together in the horizontal expansion. Pull one of your ankles toward your body. Then stretch back to the original posture. Repeat this movement.

5. Abdominal Exercises

This will restore the elasticity of your loose abdominal muscles 5 times at a time. With your knees pointing toward the ceiling and your hands on your back, arch your back that leaves space between your back and the floor. Slowly return to your original posture and gradually relax your abdominal muscles.

6. Raising Your Hands

This will tighten your once loose abdomen muscles. Lie down with your face upward, stretch your hands upward with your head slightly upward. Lower your head and stretch your hands in a Y posture then let go.

7. Wrist and Arm Movement

Close your hands upward to above head, push them upward. Hold your hands behind your back.

8. Waist Movement

Lie down and bend one of your legs to your chest, then put your knees down to the ground. This can make your rigid waist soft and make your waist muscles become tight and elastic.

9. Neck Movement

Hold your hands behind your back and tilt your head towards the opposite direction.

The above mentioned information is only a guide if you want to lose weight. You can also seek the advice of your elders for diet and exercises they think can help.

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