Things to Remember: Your Family is Ready to Help

The Best Postpartum Care: At Home or in a Postpartum Care Center?

things to remember

Where will you take postpartum care? You have to plan in advance. Most people do it at home, at Mom’s parents’ home, at Dad’s parents’ home, or at a postnatal wellness center. The most important factor in selecting the place is that you will feel most relaxed both physically and mentally.

If you cannot find a postpartum nurse, try accepting help and support from either Mom’s parents’ home or Dad’s parents’ home. You will feel at ease when you stay at your parents’ house. Note that you should modestly accept the advices and guidance from other experienced relatives. Do not be stubborn or reject supports from others directly.

Postpartum Care with Family Members


- Reliable Experienced Elders

You can avoid mistakes if you are supported by the elders in your family, especially when they are living together with you. You can even communicate with the doctor better if you understand the weaknesses and strengths of your elder’s personality.

- Low Cost

Parents care about their children and grandchildren selflessly with unconditional love. Thus, they don’t make a fuss about money. Return their care with an appreciative heart.

- Prepare 3 Meals a Day on Time & Care Products

Meal plays a key role in postpartum care. Let experienced moms do that part. They know things better. From cooking rick milk to all kinds of nutrients, they know how to prepare everything from scratch.


- Anxiety

Even if a pregnant woman is not satisfied with the elders in terms of different habits or changes in lifestyle, she cannot speak it out loud. The pregnant woman will feel uneasy if she observed tiredness of the elders due to the exhaustion in taking care of other family members as well. Also, the elders might have bad sleeping quality in order to take care of crying baby during midnight or wee hours. If good food is prepared solely for the pregnant woman, she will feel guilty about it since other family members should also eat fairly.

- Nagging

Sometimes the suggestions from the elders are not exactly helpful. They can make mistakes as well.

- Estranged Husband

Most of the husbands will feel tired or busy in taking care of their wives and infant at home, but if a husband is with his own mother or mother-in-law, they will feel guilty not able to help and can only watch by a side; whereas the wife will feel estranged to her husband because she must care for her own mother’s feeling or not convenient to express her own thoughts in front of her mother-in-law.

Things to Remember when family Members are here to Help

There are a lot of things to remember by moms, but also by her relatives, particularly her family or her husband’s family. What are the help they could provide for new moms? Let’s talk about the things to remember below.

Difference in Rest Time

The older a person gets the harder or more tiring for one to take care of the mother and child. By taking care of two persons day and night, they have no sufficient time and appropriate ways to relieve stress. Therefore, it is best to schedule the resting time for both parties, and the resting time should differ and not to overlap.

Conflicts in Raising a Child

Every generation raises children in their own way. Respect your mom’s way of bringing up children to avoid any conflicts.

Express Your Gratitude

You can express your appreciation through cards, words, letters, gifts, or money.

Take Your Children with You When You Sleep

It is very tiring in meticulously looking after both mother and child. To perform an effective postpartum care, it will be too irresponsible or impolite to ask the elders to take care of your baby at night as well. Therefore, the baby should sleep with the mom so that the elders can have a good sleep.

Postpartum Care Nurse

It’s best for a postpartum nurse to perform postpartum care, especially for your first maternity. You must get sufficient rest in a quiet environment, especially when you suffer from postpartum depression. After all, you can gain peace at home instead of some other places. Most of the postpartum nurses are 40-50 years old and they are experienced with pregnancies. Not only in terms of taking care of postpartum women, they are also skilled in newborn management, as well as received psychology training course. In addition, they gained knowledge by long-term practical professional experiences in taking care of pregnant women.


They Can Be Fully Responsible for Taking Care of Children

All of the baby-related issues are taken care of by postpartum nurses. For example, changing diapers, taking a shower, washing baby clothes and sterilizing bottles are part of their job. In addition, they can hold the children during the mother’s breastfeeding time. If formula feeding is chosen, they can be responsible to feed the baby at accurate timing.

You Can Rest at Home

You feel more secured when you’re at home. The newborn baby can get a sense of what a home feels like in the very beginning, creating an adaptable environment for the baby. Also, the menu can be specially designed for the mother without bothering other’s perspectives.

Your Husband Can Take Good Care of You

Your husband can take part in postpartum care when he’s around, such as breastfeed during midnight, children’s bathing, and breast massages. You will not feel alone with the accompaniment of your husband.


You’ll Still Have to Do Something Yourself Even If You Have a Postpartum Nurse

It’s not possible for the postpartum nurse to do all the household chores since she has to take care of the newborn baby. You have to take care of your children when postpartum nurse is off-duty, which means at night and during the weekends, as well as prepare your own meal. It is also impossible for your husband to help you all the time. Therefore, you need to do your things sometimes.

Higher Cost

Postpartum nurse will require daily payment. You have to provide the postpartum nurse with 3 meals a day and desserts besides her salary. It will be quite a large amount if you consider your own expenses, including three meals per day, supplement, as well as the expenses of baby milk powder and diapers.

Different Types of Postpartum Nurses

Types and Cost of Postpartum Nurses

Some postpartum nurses work from 9:00AM to 6:00PM daily, but some will stay in your house every week. The average salary of a postpartum nurse is TWD 1,000per day.

Things that Postpartum Nurses Do

They change diapers, help in taking showers, sterilizing bottles, cooking rice milk, and things related to the newborn baby. Other than preparing food for you, washing clothes of the mother and baby, they help you with simple household chores. However, it varies from agency to agency. You have to check prior to hiring them.

Reservation and Post Service

You can reserve a nurse 1 month before the date of scheduled baby delivery. If you are not satisfied with the postpartum nurse, you can seek other nurses through negotiation.

Postnatal Care Center

The postnatal care center is helpful to women who have more than one child. Women don’t have to worry that the other family members and the newborns can be separated from moms. However, you should look into the facilities and environment of the postnatal care center.


It Provides Moms with Good Facilities

In order to make moms more comfortable, the center separates mom from the newborn baby. There are specialized nurses in the newborn nursery 24 hours a day so that moms can take a good rest. You can enjoy convenient postpartum care here.

You Can Escape from Household Chores

It’s not easy to have postpartum care at home since you may feel uncomfortable with how your husband or children handle the household chores. It’s better to leave home and stop worrying about household chores. Out of sight, out of mind.

You Can Eat a Variety of Food

Although there might be difference in preferred taste, the menu can be especially designed for moms, instructed by dietitians. It’s of great help towards the recovery of mom’s health. In addition, in order to let moms recover at their earliest convenience, they provide nutritional plan, particularly essence soups namely “Sheng Hua Tang” and “Si Wu Tang”, as well as other similar supplementary food products.

Moms Can Exchange Information

From how to hold a child, to breastfeeding, changing diapers, preparing milk, helping baby hiccups; the center can equip the moms with basic knowledge. Also, moms can exchange information on how to raise a child. After you have been discharged from the hospital or center, you can consult them anytime.


Separated from Child

You can get along with your child during daytime but not at night. Although the mother will feel more comfortable, the child who is used to breastfeed milk has to drink formula-fed milk instead. It’s definitely not good for the future breastfeeding and will not help in the bonding between the mother and child.

Isolated from Family Members

You cannot live with your husband and other family members. Thus, you may feel lonely. The mother who is staying in a single room of around 35 to 53 square feet can chat with other pregnant women during daytime, but when during nighttime, she might feel lonely. Therefore, frequent visits and comfort from family members are required to reduce her loneliness.

Very High Cost

A postpartum care center costs more than a postpartum nurse. However, it varies with the scale of facilities, and of course, the fee should include the milking device fee, milk powder and diapers expenses.

Hard to Keep Privacy

Community life has its own advantages; however the disadvantage is that it is hard to keep privacy. Moms who recover slower than the other moms around them tend to feel even worse. Also, moms who require more daytime sleep and are highly sensitive to sound will feel uneasy when dealing with loud noises around them.

Possibility of Children Getting Infected

Newborn babies are being taken care together. As a result, if one child catches a cold, the others may well also become infected.

Things to Note for the Selection of Postpartum Care Center

Know what kind of facilities are provided for Moms

You have to make sure that the center has tubs, shower rooms, rooms for massages, and restrooms. For postpartum care, the availability of each facility must be checked and confirmed. It is essential to check the availability of temperature adjuster and air ventilation, especially for the newborn nurseries and breastfeeding rooms.

Check if there are professionals

You have to make sure that there are registered nurses, certified dietitians and cooks. A nurse can take care of as many as 5-6 newborn babies. Thus, you also have to be aware of how many nurses are in a newborn nursery room. The center with three shifts is more reliable for those with two shifts.

Check the Availability of Regular Medical Checkup Plans and Other Plans for Mothers

How many periodic examination plans are there for pregnant women? What are those? Are they just formal or non-thorough examinations? You must be clear about these. Some centers offer such plans; for example, gymnastics classes. Some will require extra fees for these services. You are advised to review the plans before making a decision.

Check the Location of Newborn Nursery

It is better that the nursery is located in a room exposed to sunshine. If the room is located nearby moms’ rooms, then moms will feel more secure. If it’s located near where people walk around or places where people can easily see from afar, then it’s not ideal.

Check Payment Terms and Conditions

Requests such as paying a deposit first, and the deposit is non-refundable during termination, as well as making one-off payment in cash, and restriction in termination period are unreasonable and incorrect.

Confirm the Installation of Safety or Emergency Facilities

You must see if the building is equipped with emergency exits and whether the alarm system is checked periodically, are fire extinguishers equipped? All of these must be checked. Make sure that you have added or bought accident insurance before signing the contract to move in.

All above mentioned situation and notes are the things to remember by everyone close to the new mom. Every help needed would really be appreciated as the mom recovers.

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