Keep a Pregnancy Journal to Document Baby’s Precious Memories

Even if you do not write in a pregnancy journal often, try to keep one when pregnant. Fill page after page with the love you have for your child in mind. Even as the years go by, taking out your pregnancy journal and reading it will fill you with joy. You can also show it to them once they are all grown up, they will surely love it!

Write about Your Feelings when Pregnant

pregnancy journal

A pregnancy journal is a notebook in which you can record all of your thoughts and feelings. Putting everything in clearly written sentences can go a long way in keeping your mood stable throughout your pregnancy. What happened today? How did it feel to hear your child's heart beating? What did your child look like on the ultrasound? Try to record all of these events in detail. A journal like this will become a precious souvenir. It is also a great gift to give your child later on in life.

Here are some Things you can write about in your Pregnancy Journal:

1. Write about the conversations, both happy and sad, that mom and dad had about having kids before conception.

2. The way you felt when you first found out you were pregnant and all of the congratulations you received from the people in your life.

3. The pregnancy's happiest or most trying times.

4. Things you enjoyed eating during pregnancy, the music you liked to listen to, things you learned from books.

5. How you felt when you first sensed the fetus moving inside you.

6. How much mom and dad love their child and hopes for your child's future.

7 Tips for Keeping a Pregnancy Journal

1. Be Frank about Your Feelings

You should do the best you can to record all emotions that you experience. You will be happy when you read the part of the story where you slowly start feeling better.

2. Keep Newspaper and Magazine Clippings

Copy articles about prenatal care, antenatal training and childcare from magazines and newspapers into your journal to help refresh your memory.

3. Paste in Ultrasound Images

Your journal isn't just for writing in. Decorate your journal with ultrasound images or photos of you from your pregnancy to make it a colorful and pretty book of memories.

4. Read Your Journal to the Fetus

After you have finished writing in your journal, read it out loud like a bedtime story as you gently rub your belly. Call out your baby's name. This is just like having a conversation with your baby.

5. Make an Audio Journal

Record you and your husband’s heartfelt hopes for your unborn child. Make an audio recording that will preserve your feelings forever. You can also use the microphone to create sound effects like "Da-dum, da-dum, da-dum" which sounds like a fetal heartbeat.

6. Add Titles to Your Journal

Label your journal something you like such as "Baby's First 280 Days". Write a title like this on the front cover of the journal to make it more interesting and meaningful.

7. Leave Space for Your Husband to Write in

Give Dad a space to write in the journal, or write down things that Dad wants to tell the fetus. As you keep a diary together, your husband will be able to experience the joy of being a father again and again. Your love for each other will also deepen during this process.

Tip: Monthly Calendar Diary


Calendar, bulletin board, colored paper, scissors, thumb tacks, ribbon, double-sided tape

How to Make It:

1. Cut the bulletin board, paste it on top of a small piece of colored paper.

2. Cut out the words "Journal" using a pair of scissors, paste this on the board and paper from step one in an appropriate location, decorate with ribbon.

3. Cut up the calendar, use thumb tacks to secure it to a big piece of bulletin board.

4. Keep a simple journal on the calendar.

Little things like the pregnancy journal can also help build the relationship of the couple since they share memories with their baby.

Sandra Henderson

Editor-in-chief at Babiology and a proud mother of four passionate about sharing pregnancy and baby growth knowledges

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