Prenatal Care: Pregnancy Exercises that are Surely Safe

When it comes to pregnancy exercises, there are a lot of suggestions from relatives, friends and even online that you can perform. Make sure that you feel comfortable in doing the exercises and avoid straining yourself to avoid pregnancy complications. Here are some pregnancy exercises that you can execute.

Prenatal Care for Ensuring an Adequate Oxygen Supply (Pregnancy Exercises)

Taking nature walks

In order to aid fetal brain development, the expectant mother is required to supply sufficient nutrients and oxygen. One great way to provide ample oxygen to the fetus is by taking relaxing walks or strolls through nature while speaking to the fetus lovingly.

Perform aerobic exercise

Pregnancy exercises, particularly prenatal aerobics, are yet another amazing way of delivering adequate oxygen supply to the fetus. In addition, aerobic workouts are also good for weight management and preventing constipation. The intensity, duration and frequency need to be appropriate, such as 3 times a week and warm ups are to be done before and after the workout.

Prenatal Care for the Development of Healthier Brain Cells

Take precautions to care for the brain cells

As the expectant mother ignites her brain cells, the fetus’ brain cells will also be ignited. Hence, the emotional stability and intelligence of the fetus is highly dependent on its mother’s. Proper breathing techniques are to be employed. 14 billion brain cells are developed in the fetus from fertilization till birth. The number of brain cells will not increase after birth, although they will continue to grow. Therefore, mothers should abstain from any actions that will hinder the development of the brain cells of her fetus.

Develop healthy brain cells through adequate supply of oxygen

To ensure healthy development of the fetus’ brain, proper breathing techniques need to be employed and adequate oxygen supply is more important than anything else. In any case where oxygen supply to the fetus is disrupted for more than 3 minutes, the brain cells begin to die. In the recent years, proper breathing techniques are included in prenatal education to help parents understand how breathing well will help strengthen their fetus’ brain and the development of potential intelligence.

Various Methods of Brain Respiration


The most basic workout for the brain is meditation. During meditation, your brainwave will settle and focus, developing thoughts for your surroundings that you so often overlook. In all meditation practices, you will need a serene atmosphere and immerse the entire body into relaxation.

Sit in a general position. Straighten your waist and place your hands on the lower abdomen. Lower your chin and gently close your eyes.

Inhale slowly and imagine the breath running through your entire body. Do this in counts of threes until you can feel yourself in a state of relaxed, yet in deep concentration.

Conversing with the fetus

The fetus’ mood is very dependent on its mother’s, so dialogue and breathing is essential for its brain development. Every morning, describe your surroundings, nature and love for your fetus. The feeling of peacefulness and relaxing strolls are the best forms of prenatal care. Through strolls with proper posture, the mother’s brain becomes more active and stimulates better blood flow.

Connecting with nature

The most accessible form of nature around us is trees. Making contacts with trees during sunrise is the best.

Stand upright with your legs in line with your shoulders. Hug a tree gently and feel its energy flowing through your body, taking deep breathes as you do.

Stand with your back to the sun. Place a palm on either the east or south side of the tree, while taking a deep breath and imagine it flowing from your feet to your entire body. Imagine the reverse as you exhale. Do this action for 30 minutes.

Place a palm on the tree trunk, with one foot on the lower part of the tree. Take a deep breath and imagine inhaling all the surrounding energies of nature from the contact spot. Imagine the exhalation flowing back into the tree as you let out your breath.

Those are some pregnancy exercises that you can do. Don’t forget to seek your doctor’s advice as to which exercise you can perform other than the above mentioned ones.

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