Prenatal Classes: What is Sistine Prenatal Education?

Sistine Prenatal Education

Cultivating Talents via Sistine Prenatal Education

prenatal classes

An ordinary couple implemented a prenatal education system and then gave birth to a child with a genius IQ score of 160. Their prenatal education system is then known as ‘Sistine Prenatal Education’ and became a popular method amidst parents. Sistine Prenatal Education’s most unique feature is educating the fetus through word and number cards, while speaking and sharing their thoughts to the fetus frequently. Sistine Prenatal Education also stresses on doing prenatal classes prior to conception.

Fetal Learning Begins prior to Pregnancy

Establishing pregnancy plans creates a loving atmosphere and has positive impact on both mental and physical state of the parents. Begin by reading a variety of books, such as Disney’s ‘Cinderella’, ‘Bambi’, children’s books written for adults, such as ‘The Little Prince’ or moving novels. Read diligently during pregnancy planning and continue throughout the pregnancy.

Daily Life is a part of Fetal Learning

Music has a calming effect on people. Try listening to music or singing while doing household chores as these actions will put you in a good mood. Marvel at the clouds, watch the birds, take notice of people, admire the architecture, etc when you are taking a stroll and describe these details and experiences to the fetus.

Frequent Dialogue with the Fetus

Describe your surroundings and convey all the joyous feeling you are experiencing to the fetus. By involving the fetus into your daily life, you will be able to express your feelings and attachment to the fetus, allowing it to develop in an environment filled with love.

Prenatal Classes is a Family Affair

Fetal learning involves both parents. The father should read aloud and sing to the fetus often so that it will recognize its fathers’ voice. Ideally, both parents may sing to the fetus together.

Create Word and Number Cards

Starting from the second half of the pregnancy, the mother should visually and verbally read the word and number cards. Prepare two sets of number cards for number 1-10 and three cards consisting of ‘+’, ‘-’ and ‘=’ symbols. You may create these cards from a sheet of white cardboard, while writing or printing the words in vibrant and eye-catching color.

Implementing the Sistine Prenatal Education

1- 4 months – Listening to music and songs. Reading picture books. Engaging in loving dialogue.

5 - 10 months – Begin lessons with the learning cards. Start from simple pronunciations, learning phonetic symbols and simple words. Look at numbers and then move on to addition, subtraction, and gradually increasing in difficulty. Describe the environment in details to the fetus frequently. Read more fairytales and the father should also converse with the fetus frequently.

Nurturing the Health of the Fetus with Proper Food

Eat well to ensure Healthy Fetal Development

During the pregnancy process, a mother is consuming for both herself and the fetus. Hence, she should always bear in mind that anything she consumes will affect the health and development of the fetus. If her blood sugar level is too high, it will cause the fetus to grow too fast, resulting in dystocia and developing congenital diabetes after delivery. Morning sickness tends to cease after 4 months of pregnancy, and improved appetite can easily lead to obesity. Hence, the expectant mother should constantly keep her diet in check.

Consumption of clean Water and Food

Living cells are mainly made up of water and require sufficient water intake to function well. Drink at least 3 large glasses of clean water daily and partake a vegetable-centered diet. Ensure that you have a balanced intake of nutrients to create a healthy fetal environment.

Consume more DHA Food for enhanced Brain Development

A large portion of brain development takes place during the fetal stage and early childhood, so an expectant mother should consume more DHA rich food such as tuna, squid, and shellfish from the beginning of the pregnancy.

High Protein Foods are beneficial to both Mother and Child

From mid pregnancy, protein-rich foods must be consumed to enhance the active development of the fetus’ brain. More than 80% of human brain cells are developed during the first seven months of pregnancy.

Sufficient Calcium intake for Bone Strengthening

70% of our bones consist of calcium. Calcium is required for the development of nerve tissues, bones, teeth, muscle contraction, systole and blood supply. Hence, the expecting mother should consume more calcium during the pregnancy.


Pre-Pregnancy Prenatal Classes Tips from Predecessors

In the past, strong emphasis is placed on a father’s mental state and physical health. To conceive a healthy child, the father will strive to be in perfect physical form, believing that his body will produce stronger and healthier sperm for fertilization. Keeping his body in good physical health is the father’s role in pre-pregnancy prenatal care. Besides, he must also observe certain precautions and considerations before engaging in sexual intercourse.

Weather Considerations - Abstain from sexual intercourse during the first, fifteen and last day of each month. Besides these 3 days of the month, intercourse should also be avoided during weather conditions such as low tide, snowing, raining, weather being too cold or warm, eclipse and earthquake. It is believed that a pregnancy conceived during these days or under such conditions will result in stillbirth or a miscarriage.

Ground Considerations - It is prohibited to engage in sexual intercourse in the areas with clear views of the sun, stars and moon. Also, it is also a taboo to have sex in temples, dressing room, cemeteries, or near a stove or corpses. It is believed that a child conceived in these places will develop deformities.

Personal Considerations - It is prohibited to engage in sexual intercourse when one is drunk, feeling bloated or famished, ill and overwhelmed with emotions.

These were the precautions that our predecessors have adhered to in regards to sexual intercourse.

In general, the above mentioned prenatal classes would help a fetus in its development.

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