Prerequisite Baby Stuff for Your New Baby

Sometimes, during conception, some soon-to-be moms are already excited about having a baby. There are prerequisite stuffs that you have to buy for your upcoming baby. When you reach 8 months pregnancy, now is the perfect time to start preparing. You need to start to consider what are the prerequisite stuffs needed to buy for your new baby. It's always better to know what to get and how many!

The Key to Buying Prerequisites for Giving Birth

Make a shopping list

Create categories for bedding, clothes, toiletries, feeding and miscellaneous. Write down what you need under each category, creating your shopping list. Another good idea is to also create categories for things you can buy, borrow and be given by family and friends.

Consider the season

Before you go out and buy every prerequisite you think you need for your new baby, you must first consider when your new baby will arrive. The seasons differ greatly and the effects on your baby when the daily temperatures can change so much must be considered when you buy clothing and bedding. You need to think about blankets and gloves for the colder nights and a humidifier for the dryer days.

Prerequisite List

Baby clothes


· Newborn cotton top (2-3): If you are having a summer baby then you may need a few more and you can consider buying this type of clothes from the hospital where you give birth.

· A set of baby clothes with top and pants (2-3): Many parents prefer to choose sets of baby clothes with normal length tops and pants rather than long robe tops because when a baby wears long robe tops, it is harder to change cloth diapers. The kimono style of baby clothes are very comfortable for the baby but are not very popular in China because cloth diapers are not easy to change. But if you prefer your baby to wear disposable diapers then the kimono style is a good choice.

· Mittens and socks (about 2): Mittens are not only for keeping your baby's hands warm but also to prevent your baby from scratching their face.

· Onesie (1): This is a one piece garment, keeps your new born baby nice and warm and is also very convenient for baby to move around in. As boys and girls can wear these, you can buy these before giving birth. Buttons can open from the chest down the legs and make them very convenient to use and some of them even have the hands and feet covered to ensure the baby is all wrapped up nice and warm.

· Bib (2-3): For the baby’s drool, spilled milk and vomit bibs are essential. If you wish to use small towels, then you can use these instead of bibs.

· Cloth nappy (30): Because you can use these for a very long time, it is suggested you buy middle size ones as you can use them for longer time. You will also need some disposable diapers for your trips to the clinic for checkups and injections.

· Hat (1): Your baby will have very little hair and their heads are still hardening since they were born, so it is important to protect their little heads from the sun and anything else that might harm them.

· Nappy cover (2 or more): If your baby is going to wear cloth diapers, then these are necessary to hold the cloth diaper in place. They come in different sizes and when choosing your diaper cover, you need to make sure the top of the cover reaches the baby’s belly button area and it is not too tight around the legs. You also need to consider if they are breathable and waterproof.

Feeding Equipment

· Feeding bottle nipple (bottle number + 2 backups): Because you need to sterilize the nipples every time you need to use them, it is a good idea to have a couple extra.

· Feeding bottle (around 5-6): If you are breast feeding, then 2-3 bottles are enough, for  baby formula, then better to have 5-8 bottles. It is better to buy the bigger ones because they last longer and again it is wise to have some extra.

· Breast Pump (breast feeding moms need one): For ease of use, an electric pump is more convenient and if you buy a hand pump, you need to check that the suction cup is malleable.

· Sterilizer, milk bottle tongs and a brush (1 set): Uses steam to sterilize milk bottles and can usually sterilize more than 7 bottles at a time, along with small accessories. It is a very continent tool for parents. The brush has a sponge head to clean the bottle and a brush for scrubbing, but is easily broken so you need to choose a good quality and durable one.

· Pacifier(optional): Not essential to buy now as you can wait until after giving birth to see if your baby needs one.


· Blanket (1): If the blanket you buy is too thick then the baby will feel too hot, so it is better to choose a thinner blanket and buy another if needed later. You can use the thin blanket to wrap up the newborn baby and then use it as their sleeping blanket.

· Baby sling (1): You can only use a baby sling when the baby’s neck is strong enough so you don't need to buy this now. If you think you will go out with the baby very often, then you can choose the wrap around support type but if you plan to stay home most of the time, you can choose a simpler one.

· Baby pillow (1): New born babies’ necks are usually not strong enough to use a pillow comfortably but they can be useful correcting a baby's habit of sleeping only on one side of their heads.

· Securing wrap (2): It is used to wrap around the baby to stabilize their arms and legs. If you have a big towel, that can be used instead. You can also use little blankets to do the same job when you go out.

· Wrapping cloth (1): Used for wrapping up the baby and usually comes with a head cover. It is used for taking your baby outside and can also be worn indoors. When your baby grows, these make very nice play mats.


· Bath sling (depending on your needs): Hooks on both sides of the bath and allows your baby to lay on it and be washed. This is essential if only one person will bath the baby.

· Towel (can use old ones): For drying the baby after having a bath.

· Mesh pouf (not essential): Used to create more foam when bathing your baby.

· Washcloths (20 pieces): An essential item when raising a baby, very useful and convenient cleaning and drying cloths. They also come in many bright and interesting designs.

· Bath tub (not essential): A big basin is good enough as a baby tub.

· Baby shampoo and body wash (not essential): It's best only to use clean water to wash your new born baby but later on shampoos can help prevent or cure rashes and skin conditions, so best to buy when needed.

· Soap (2 bars): Compared to shampoo and body wash, soap is easier to be washed off and is therefore better for new born babies.

Hygiene products

· Cotton bud (1 box): Buy the ones where the stick is made of plastic or paper.

· Belly button plaster (not essential): Covers the belly button area when you bath the baby before the baby’s umbilical cord has fallen off.

· Nasal pump (1): If your baby always has a stuffy nose then a nasal pump is essential. The tip that goes up your baby’s nose should be made of silica gel which is soft and comfortable.

· Nail clippers and scissors (one of each): It is better to use nail scissors for your new born baby’s nails and then nail clippers when they are older.

Skin care products

· Baby cream and diaper cream (not essential): Baby creams help maintain your baby’s skin moisture and diaper cream can help prevent diaper rash or other skin irritations caused by wearing a diaper.

· Baby powder (not essential): The baby’s skin under their nappy, inside the folds of their legs, and in the creases of their neck is easy to get a rash. Baby powder can be effective against this type of skin problem. 

· Baby lotion (1): Only buy a high quality baby lotion that moisturizes the skin, however this should only be used if your baby’s skin is very dry after washing, if not you don't need to apply the lotion.

Tips: Baby Prerequisites for Different Seasons


This season is very comfortable for a new born baby. Do not choose clothes that are too thick or made of wool. It is better to choose clothes that are soft and made of cotton. Towels, blankets, mats and quilts should all be thin.


It is very easy for the baby to sweat in summer so light cotton clothes are the best for your baby. Prepare extra gauze towels, bath towels and hand towels due to the hot weather.


By the end of October, it could still be warm and the baby can now wear short or long clothes depending on the temperature. In late autumn, the weather gets colder and the baby will need to wear more clothes.


It is now colder than the other seasons so you will need to buy clothes that will keep the baby warm. Except for clothes you, also need to buy a hat, gloves and warmer socks.

So far, those are the main prerequisite items that you can buy beforehand. You can buy other items later on when you see it fit.

Sandra Henderson

Editor-in-chief at Babiology and a proud mother of four passionate about sharing pregnancy and baby growth knowledges

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