Best Rocking Chair Review in 2018

What sweet memories we form when we slowly relax in a rocking chair and help our sweet, little babies drift off to dream land. It is a joy to see their heavy eyelids slowly succumb to slumber, rocking them gently in our arms as a whispered lullaby escapes our lips.

It is nice to imagine that a mother’s arms never tire and that she can stand by her baby’s crib keeping watch all night long. In times of dire need or illness, a mom may be able to sustain it for a night or two, but eventually, she will need her own soft place to land as she continues mothering her baby into dreamland.

For this reason, many mothers like to keep a chair all their own in the baby’s room, a special place where they build memories of rocking their baby to sleep with a lullaby. This chair is an investment in the type of mother they hope to be and choosing the perfect one might take a little bit of research. Considering that this chair will be used daily for several months to several years, taking the time to figure out what you need will pay off big time when you have a comfortable place to sit night after night.

Rocking Chair Factors to Consider


rocking chair

If Mom will be spending many hours in this chair, then it must be comfortable. Cushions should be the kind she can imagine snuggling into at the end of the day. Another factor to consider on the comfort scale is where her feet will rest. Dangling feet are never comfy and a good chair should either be the perfect height for her feet to reach the ground or offer the correct support for her shorter legs. An ottoman that matches the chair can meet this need perfectly well.


What is the aesthetic that mom is trying to achieve in the nursery? Does it matter to her how the chair fits in with the other furniture? The shape of a piece of furniture can also affect how it fits into a space. So can the size. Does the baby have a more formal nursery, requiring formal furniture? Or is there a more vintage vibe that makes it okay to have mismatched furniture? Is a traditional glider going to work?


It is not the most fun thing to discuss when dreaming about babies, but the practical issues must be addressed. Some moms will invest more in furniture and accessories for their baby because of the excitement of bringing life into the world and being responsible for caring for it well. Rocking chairs can range in price from as little as $65 to as much as $650.


Does the chair you are thinking about make it easy for you to do what you want to do in it? If you are a nursing mom, can you reach your nursing pads when finished? If your baby takes a pacifier, do you have a place to store them so one is always available when you sit down for your nightly lullaby routine? Is there a book nearby you can read? Some chairs have pockets on the sides, which make answering all of these questions easier. If the chair you are considering does not have pockets, do you have enough space to put the chair next to a table? Is your budget big enough to allow you to purchase another piece of furniture?


It will matter to some moms that they buy a piece of heirloom quality furniture. Other moms will just want to know that the furniture will last until they are done having children. Yet other moms just need something now that they can easily afford and will worry about how long it will last later. The quality of construction and fabric used will make a difference to how long any piece of furniture lasts. Knowing what your goal for longevity is before making a purchase will affect what you buy.


Is there enough space for the chair of your dreams? If the chair comes with an ottoman, do you still have enough space? The footprint for rocking chairs can vary widely based on the style and features. Some just rock, while others glide or swivel. Will you take advantage of these features and therefore need to make sure the nursery can accommodate the chair you choose?


Moms often have to deal with all sorts of bodily fluids, even during the night. Think about this when choosing fabric for a chair. Can you clean it? Are the covers removable? Will you feel compelled to keep a blanket over the chair to keep the fabric protected?

Now that you have considered these rocking chair features, let us see what is available.

Five Best Rocking Chairs for Moms

SoBuy Comfortable Relax Rocking Chair

rocking chair

A modern take on the rocking chair, this is a very affordable option. When it arrives, it is flat packed and someone will need to assemble it. This should take less than an hour though. The frame is made of birch wood, stained a light, blonde color. The varnished wood will help with longevity but it is mostly there to provide a glossy finish. The seat on this chair is wide enough to accommodate a nursing pillow, which many moms will use, especially in the first four to six weeks post-partum. There are no moving parts in this rocker, so it will be a quiet choice at night.

The cushion is covered with a cotton fabric which can be spot cleaned. The cover is removable though if you experience larger, tougher spills. Alternatively, if you have a large enough washing machine, you could also clean any major spills that seep into the cushion on gentle and then rest in the sunlight to dry and disinfect. This chair is on the small side and the seating area is approximately 26 inches by 20 inches.

  • Inexpensive
  • No moving parts
  • Removable cover
  • Lightweight and stable
  • No foot rest
  • Maybe too small or low to some parents
  • Only rocks, no swiveling

Windsor Glider and Ottoman, 

rocking chair

A lovely shade of gray, the cushions on this white glider will probably blend in well to any nursery theme. It is easy to remove the cushions as well, which makes spot cleaning much easier. This style of glider is very common. Most of the popularity can be attributed to its reasonable price point, included ottoman, and side pockets. It has nearly all of the features the average mom is looking for in a rocking chair.

Like the first chair mentioned, this one will also need to be assembled upon delivery.

For this reason, make sure you order it with enough time to set it up before the baby arrives. This chair is taller than others and can comfortably accommodate someone as tall as six feet. It is also wide enough to accommodate the most popular nursing pillows. The cushions are a few inches thick which will probably be enough for most people. You can replace or supplement it with aftermarket cushions though if you want something softer or thicker.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Includes ottoman
  • Has side pockets
  • Limited color choices
  • Not heirloom quality
  • Assembly required

Baby Relax Harlow Wingback Nursery Room Rocker 

rocking chair

With a wingback design, this chair is very fashionable. It has nail head trim on the side panels, front arm panels, and the base. The antique colored nail heads give this chair, and any nursery it is in, a very sophisticated feel. A traditional rocker, the legs are made of solid wood and given an espresso finish. It does arrive needing some assembly and the manufacturer recommends two people for the job. You should plan accordingly when this chair arrives to make sure it can be assembled. It does not include an ottoman or foot rest, which may be extra important to shorter moms.

The upholstery is very soft and feels nice on your skin. Unfortunately, it is not removable which will make cleaning slightly more difficult. Spot cleaning is still an option, but many moms will prefer to keep some sort of cover or blanket on this chair to protect the upholstery fabric. This chair is for the mom with a larger nursery-decorating budget. Charcoal and beige are the two color options.

  • Sophisticated style
  • Soft cushions
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for small nursery
  • No footrest
  • Can only be spot cleaned
  • Pretty stiff at first use

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner,

rocking chair

This chair is multifunctional. It swivels, glides, and has a built in foot rest. On top of that, it has modern welt trim in white. The color choices are mocha microfiber, gray microfiber, and gray linen. One of these will match any nursery design. Moms will appreciate that the footrest mechanism is near the armrest. This will be much easier for you to reach when holding a sleeping baby. If that were not enough, the chair will also recline if you plan to be there a little longer. When in the reclined position, this chair will not glide. But the swivel is a full 360 degrees.

Microfiber material is easy to clean, but the upholstery on this seat is not removable. This means spot cleaning is the only option. The linen chair is the same in this regard and will need to be spot cleaned as well.

This chair arrives in two pieces. Assembly consists of sliding the back of the chair into the base and that is it. It is about 30 inches wide, 37 inches deep, and 42 inches tall. You will need to place this chair at least 13 inches from the wall in order to enjoy the full recline.

  • Built in footrest
  • Glides and swivels
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can only be spot cleaned
  • Not suitable for short in height
  • May break after several use

Babyletto Kyoto Glider, Slate Suede

rocking chair

The manufacturer knew this chair would end up in nurseries and did every mom a favor – applied water and stain repellant to the upholstery. This glider is available in two color choices, slate suede, and slate suede with ecru piping. The solid wood base is made of New Zealand Pine wood. That, along with the hand-sewn piping, are the two main features that make this a luxury chair. This is a chair built to last through multiple children and possibly even multiple generations.

This chair glides but does not swivel. The matching ottoman is sold separately. The back of this chair is shorter than the last one and moms over 5’10” may not find it as comfortable as shorter moms. Babyletto does list a weight limit for this chair of 300 pounds. This is considerably higher than the limits for other chairs on this list.

  • Multiple color choices
  • Water and stain repellant
  • Multiple color choices
  • Ottoman sold separately
  • Short for 6 footers
  • Doesn't swivel


It was not hard for me to choose a favorite rocking chair from this list. The Windsor Glider and Ottoman is my favorite choice in this category. It has a tall back to make it easier for mom to rest her head. With a tall back, fathers or other care providers will also be comfortable. The cushion covers are removable for washing and you do not have to worry about them becoming misshapen. This style of glider is simple and traditional, suiting many different nursery themes.

Of all the items on the list, this chair comes in at a reasonable budget that nearly every new mom can afford. She can also put this on her registry for friends to pitch in and get together. The pockets on each side really push it to the top of this list though. Mom can store a book, her phone, a water bottle, or even dry snacks there to consume while nursing or after singing her baby off to dream land with a lullaby. Overall, this chair is the best choice for the majority of new moms

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