Taking Things Slow: Sexual Activity during Mid-Pregnancy

Sexual activity during mid-pregnancy is relatively safe. Because you are experiencing less fatigue caused by morning sickness, there are fewer chances that miscarriage or premature birth will occur. So you can keep up sexual activity, as long as it is not too forceful.

Sex During Pregnancy Do’s and Dont's

Keep Serious Pressure off the Lower Abdomen

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At 20 weeks, gradual swelling begins in the lower abdomen. When this happens, you need to be careful in exerting pressure on the lower abdomen. When you and your husband are in bed together, it is safer to have him positioned behind you. Even if you are the kind of expecting mother whose tummy only swells slightly, you should nevertheless avoid poses that require too much effort or allow penetration to go too deep.

Avoid Nipple Overstimulation

Over stimulating the nipples during foreplay may promote uterine contraction and hormone secretion. You should avoid nipple overstimulation as it increases the possibilities of premature birth or miscarriage.

Try New Poses

Having your belly poke out even a little can make sex less convenient, but you can discover new ways to have fun by taking the time to try out safer and more comfortable poses.

Cases in which You should Abstain from Sexual Activity

· Expecting mothers who have already experienced miscarriage before

Abstain from sex for the first trimester. You may have sex once the placenta has become firmly secured. Avoid overly intense sex.

· Expecting mothers who have experienced recurrent miscarriages

If there is no strength in your cervix and you are receiving a cervical cerclage procedure, abstain from all sexual activity. If possible, it is best if you forego sex following the surgery.

· Expecting mothers who are at risk for a miscarriage

Even if your doctor has not said so, abstain from sex during the first trimester. Begin again only after you have received permission from your doctor.

· Expecting mothers who have experienced premature birth

Abstain from all sexual activity in the latter 2 to 3 months pregnancy. In other words, it is safer to forego sex starting at 28 weeks.

· When expecting twins

Abstain from all sexual intercourse in the last three months of pregnancy. The risk of premature birth is several times higher for having twins or twin pregnancies than it is for singletons.

· Expecting mothers at risk of premature birth

If your doctor indicates that there is a chance of you giving birth prematurely, you must exercise extreme caution for the entire duration of the pregnancy.

Comfortable Positions during Mid-Pregnancy

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Forward-facing Seated Pose

Both husband and wife stay in a seated position. You may adjust the degree of insertion while in this pose.

Front Side Pose

In this pose, both husband and wife are in a sideways reclined position. This pose keeps pressure off of the lower abdomen, and the penis will not penetrate too deeply. The wife can enhance this pose by bending and lifting up her leg.

Doggy Style Pose

The wife supports herself on her knees and elbows. The husband bends his knees and grips her body as he inserts his penis from behind. This pose does not increase pressure on the lower abdomen.

Positions that Should Be Avoided during Mid-Pregnancy

Kidney Pose

Because of the high amount of weight placed on the wife's body, exercise caution while in this pose during mid pregnancy.

Knees-Bent Pose

In this pose, the wife elevates both her inner thighs and knees too high, leading to vaginal penetration that is too deep. This may affect the uterus.

Riding Position

Having the woman on top and man on the bottom is too forceful for mid-pregnancy.

These sexual activity positions are the ones safe and unsafe during mid-pregnancy. Read through our other articles for recommended sex positions during early pregnancy and late term pregnancy.

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