Top Benefits of Baby Massage

Provide baby massage for your newborn. The child will not only feel a sense of security from mom’s hands, but a more intimate mutual relationship will be built up too. In addition, massage may also strengthen immune ability and reduce the secretion of stress hormones. Perform baby massage for 10 minutes every day and make happy body conversation with the child.

Effects of Baby Massage

Improve immunity

baby massage

Baby massage may increase the child's immune cells, as well as enhancing his resistance to external stimuli and increase immunity. In addition, it may promote blood circulation, enabling the body to discharge waste regularly, increase hormone secretions such as insulin, and strengthen digestive function and bowel function.

Stabilize emotions

Through skin contacts, the child would have faith in his mom. Meanwhile, the mom would have self-confidence and satisfaction too. Both the mom and the baby could feel emotional stabilization by massage in a world mutually built together, and also improve in concentration skills.

Helps in sleep

While massaging, the child is able to relieve from stress which helps him to sleep well, improve the situation of crying before bedtime and after awakening. Also it can increase muscle, bone and skin softness, which is very helpful for muscle development.

Principles of Baby Massage

Begin massaging as soon as after birth

It would be beneficial if you could massage the child beginning from 2-3 months after birth until the age of 10. From newly born to a 2 months old baby, just massage the legs, hands and other parts very gently with no force. Begin to do delicate massage for a 3 months old baby.

Do it daily and at fixed time

When is the best time for a massage? That is not a problem. However, you should do it after feeding your child. Whether you are feeding breast milk or powdered milk, please wait for 30 minutes before starting. If possible, implement at a fixed time every day. The ideal duration is about 10 minutes and be sure to take a rest for about one hour after the massage.

Room temperature at 20-22°C is the most appropriate

The most appropriate room temperature is 20-22°C and the venue should be a ventilated and quiet place. Take off some clothing, lay a mat or towel on the floor, and let the child lie down on it. You are now ready to begin.

Outing and Sunbathing


A baby 3 weeks after birth may go for outing and sunbathing. Do not expose the baby to strong winds and direct sunlight as the child is still weak in the immune system. A good choice is to open the windows in a well ventilated place to allow indirect access of outside air.

Start sunbathing from the legs

Lay a soft towel out in the sun and let the baby lie down. Dress the child with front cardigan or jumpsuit with only the ankle part exposed and let him enjoy the sunshine for 5-10 minutes.

Exposing lower legs

Expose further the lower legs portion and sunbath for 5-10 minutes.

Full exposure of the legs

Expose fully both legs to sunlight. Taking sunbaths at fixed hours would bring better effect.

Exposing the chest and abdominal portions

Do sunbath with the whole chest and abdominal portions for 5-10 minutes.

Body sunbath

While taking sunbath naked, make sure you cover the child’s eyes softly with a gauze towel. Cover the eyes even when lying on the belly taking sunbath on the back and buttocks. Body sunbath for 10-15 minutes should be good.

And those are some of the baby massage that a parent can do to his/her child. Make sure that your child is comfortable upon doing so.

Sandra Henderson

Editor-in-chief at Babiology and a proud mother of four passionate about sharing pregnancy and baby growth knowledges

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