How to Travel with a Newborn to 12 month Old Baby?

A mom may take her baby for traveling when he is 3-4 months old. Prior to this, instead of staying at home all the time, it is necessary to go outside for a walk to change the living atmosphere. Further, the child is now able to hold his head up, so it is possible to take him out for a walk or have outings.

When is the Right Time to start Going Out?

0 to 1 month old baby


Be careful when going out from house to prevent accidents happening. The best is to avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

2 to 3 months old baby

Outings should be limited to one per day. When taking sunbath for the first time, start from the toe portion and increase body portion exposure to sunshine gradually. Starting from now, it would be fine for spending 10-20 minutes daily walking outside on good weather. However, do it in the morning before the sunlight is too strong. Do not carry the child on your back as he still cannot hold his head up stable. Wait until he is stable in holding his head up before you can carry him on your back.

4 to 5 months old baby

From now on, the child can go out anytime. However, as the body immune system is still weak, do not go to crowded places or go outing for a long time.

6 to 12 months old baby

The child is having a strong immune system now and he can hold up his head well. Even a short term tour would be fine. The place of destination should be clean and safe. First travel schedule could be two days and one night, and the duration and distance could be gradually increased.

Tips to Take Care of the Child during Travelling

Get ready of the child’s blanket and clothes

Unfamiliar with the new bed is the greatest cause in a child crying at bedtime or after awakening while travelling. Therefore, bring along the blanket and clothing which the child is commonly using to eliminate the strange feeling. The child would feel safe when he could smell and be in contact with his own blanket and clothes.

Try to go for a drive if the child is crying non-stop at bedtime or after awakening

When a child would not stop crying and would not sleep, try to go for a drive with him. Regular rocking in a car would help the child to feel sleepy and easily fall asleep. About a 10 minute drive and he could be sleeping soundly.

Completely getting rid of sunlight by sun screen lotion

While on the road, the most critical is to fight with sunlight. The child’s skin is very weak. Even a short moment of sunshine would burn it red like cooked meat. For a child 5-6 months old, his skin would have certain kind of resistance but the best is to apply sun screen lotion for babies.

Special care on sun screening must be given when going to sea sides. Apart from the sunlight direct from the sky, there would also be 30% ultraviolet rays reflected from the beach. It is necessary to apply sun screen lotion when playing at sea sides. It would be best to cover up the whole body.

When the child is getting red by the sunburn, let him lie down in a shady place and cover him with a cool towel or put an ice patch evenly on his body to dissipate the heat and stabilize the skin.

Taking a bath prior to bed can prevent mosquitoes from biting

Flies and mosquitoes will bite a baby because the smell of milk is in his body caused by milk feeding. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the whole body including the face before sleep. Particularly, mosquitoes are attracted by people who sweat a lot. Wiping the sweat away could stop a mosquito biting to a certain extent.

Orange and lemon has insecticide effect. Applying some diluted orange or lemon juice on the baby’s expose parts such as face, hands and feet can have a preventive effect to mosquito biting too.

Hanging a plastic bag filled with water

Filling up a plastic bag with water and hang it by the windows, door or near the ceiling can eliminate flies and mosquitoes too.

And those are the necessary information parents need to know when it comes to outings with the baby. Remember to bring sun screen and other related things needed for baby care.

Sandra Henderson

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