Tips and Remedy for your Pregnancy Pains

Mid-pregnancy is literally the most stable period for both mother and fetus. However, with the belly gradually swollen, all kinds of pregnancy pains starts to appear to the body. So, here are some simple and quick remedy you can follow to ease the pains.

Some of the pregnancy pains you may experience:

Back Pain

pregnancy pain

Pay special attention to maintain a comfortable posture during pregnancy. Due to a protruding belly, you would have to open up your legs a little, your abdomen would be pushed forward, and your upper body would tilt backward, to maintain your body balance. As your pregnancy progresses, your upper body will gradually be inclined more to the back. This posture makes the waist muscle in stress and causes back pain. During the last month of pregnancy, the fetus’ head will turn down to the pelvis, pressing your spine. Your back pain symptom will be worse, and you may feel great pregnancy pain as if the pelvis seems to come off.

To Reduce Back Pain

· While you are sitting or standing, do not bend your shoulder forward or hump, keep your upper body straightened.

· Do not sit on a chair which is too flexible or a chair without backrest. While sitting, keep your waist in close contact with the backrest.

· Avoid sleeping on a bed which is too soft. You would sleep better on a hard bed with mattress.

· Do not stand too long. While you are standing, put a footstool beside your feet. Take turns in resting each of your feet on the stool. Conversely, do not sit more than 30 minutes at one place.

· Regulate your body weight. Overweight would increase the burden on your waist.

· Do not stretch your hand over the head to take something. When you stretch your hand over your head, your waist muscle will be stressed. It is best to stand on a stool to take something high or seek for others help.

· Massage your waist muscle for relaxation.


Constipation may occur from mid-pregnancy to post-delivery. In order to prevent contraction of the uterus during pregnancy and allow the fetus to grow properly, the placenta will secrete a hormone called progesterone. Affected by this hormone, the smooth muscle will be eased and intestinal peristalsis becomes irregular. Sometimes, constipation may occur during the early pregnancy stage.

Ways to Eliminate Constipation

· Take a lot of fiber-rich brown rice and vegetables

· Intake a lot of water and juice

· Avoid taking food with glucose content

· Do appropriate exercises


Hemorrhoids are also known as rectal varices. Constipation and abdominal distension may induce hemorrhoids. In case of bleeding, anal itching or pain when wiping with toilet paper after a bowel movement, it might be caused by hemorrhoids. Its conditions vary with pregnancy phase, but will continue for some time after delivery.

To Relieve Hemorrhoids

· Avoid constipation. Do not apply force improperly during defecation.

· Do not apply force improperly during defecation, and rinse the anus with water after bowel movement.

· Try not to stand or sit for too long. Change your posture frequently, to maintain smooth circulation of blood in lower body.

· Take bath daily by sitting on bath tub.

Farting and Hiccups

Farting is caused by exhaust gas generated in the large intestine, and hiccups phenomenon is generated by the sudden uprising of gas in our stomach. These two are phenomena that occur frequently during pregnancy. It does not make the body suffer, just a little troublesome.

Avoid Farting and Hiccups

· Foods such as soybeans, onion, fried dishes, cabbage, cauliflower, sweet potatoes etc. will induce farting. However, it is not a necessity to limit our consumption on these food.

· Try your best effort to avoid constipation. When constipation becomes severe, farting and hiccups will increase.

· And after taking a meal, while digesting, take a rest with comfortable posture.


After mid-pregnancy period, many pregnant women would feel distress due to skin itching and rash. Mainly occur at the chest, abdomen, legs etc. In some cases, it even became swollen up like rubella, but only the itchy feeling was felt. In some other cases, eczematous symptoms such as blisters would occur. It is known as prurigogestationis and the cause remains unexplained. It's generally believed to be caused by the effect of hormones secreted by the placenta or too much sweat. It will not affect the fetus but it disappears after delivery, so it is not necessary to worry too much about it.

To alleviate Pruritus Symptoms

· Take a shower frequently, keep your body clean.

· Wear thin cotton clothes.

· Avoid getting inadequate sleep or overworked. Take balanced nutrition, avoid oily food.

· When itchiness is very severe, take medicine according to the doctor’s prescription.

Stomach Ache

After the mid-pregnancy, your abdomen will feel throbbing pains, and it seems to be a hard lump. Your whole abdomen will be painful and your belly would feel just like a hard ball. The frequency is not regular and nothing should be worried about if it occurs about once an hour. Its most common occurrence is after constipation or after sex, a feeling of abdominal knotting pain. The supporting ligaments at left and right of the uterus arebeing stretched, and you will feel pain on the lower belly too.

From 4 months pregnancy to completion of delivery, this phenomenon will occur, and it does not need special treatment. If the stomach ache is not very severe, just take a rest, and you can achieve some degree of ease.

Ways to Ease Stomach Ache

· Take a rest frequently.

· Keep a comfortable posture; do not let your belly feel uncomfortable.

Vertigo Symptom

pregnancy pains

Vertigo symptom appears when you see a complete gray in the surrounding after you stand up suddenly from sitting. Such symptom may be due to anemia, but more often it is a condition of orthostatic hypotension. This occurs when you move your head from a lower position suddenly to a higher level, and the blood supply to your brain is not sufficient for a short moment. If you have anemia, the symptom will be more severe.

How to Ease Vertigo

· Timely sit down right away and lower your head, let the blood flow towards your head, and vertigo will disappear.

· Take a deep breath often, rest adequately.

· Pay attention in food intake, do take in iron-rich foods.

Gastrointestinal Burning Sensation

In case of esophageal reflux of gastric acid, you will have gastrointestinal burning sensation and gushing of acidic fluid. The symptoms is caused by relaxation of esophageal muscle due to hormonal changes. Acid reflux would be more critical when lying. Sleep by using several pillows to prop up your upper body for better control of the symptom.

Ways to Reduce Sensation of Gastrointestinal Burning

· Avoid eating acidic food. Eat less, but more frequent.

· You should avoid taking foods that promote secretion of gastric acid such as salty food, cold food or oily food.

Some Notes on Common Tips: Things to Pay Attention to during Mid-pregnancy

Pay Attention to Unexpected Incidents

Entering the second half period of pregnancy, your body weight increases. All your movements will be in slow pace. While walking at small lanes, pay attention to bicycles, motorcycles or cars. When a pregnant woman falls, most probably the abdomen will first hit the ground, and may cause pregnancy complications. In order to keep the baby away from dangers, do not look around while walking, pay attention to all incoming vehicles. Safety first.

Avoid Sudden Forceful Action or Vibration

Avoid sudden abdominal forceful action or stimulation. Try not to lift any heavy object for it can cause other related pregnancy pains. To pick up something on the ground, try to slow down your movement, do not constrict your waist, pick it up by first bending your knees, followed by squatting down, to prevent the cause of abdominal discomfort.

Avoid Long Distance Travelling

Continuous shaking or vibration in a car can cause miscarriage. In addition to this, excessive fatigue or stomach ache could be troublesome too.

Be Careful of Catching a Cold

Low body temperature causes the uterus to contract, resulting in premature baby delivery. Always carry along your underwear and socks wherever you go. Wear a jacket or wind coat during rainy or windy days. Do not catch a cold.

Do Appropriate Exercises for Physical Health

If your body lacks exercise, you may suffer insomnia at night, increasing the likelihood of obesity, causing the fetus to grow too big, and you may be in danger of dystocia.

Take Treatment of Constipation or Diarrhea as Soon as Possible

Severe diarrhea may cause the uterus to contract, resulting in premature birth. Do not take anything which may cause diarrhea such as laxative drug, tea and stale food. Avoid abdominal stimulation during defecation. If you have constipation, take treatment as soon as possible.

The above mentioned details are points to check and keep in mind during mid-pregnancy and once you experience of the pregnancy pains. Remember to prioritize your safety.

Sandra Henderson

Editor-in-chief at Babiology and a proud mother of four passionate about sharing pregnancy and baby growth knowledges

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